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Karl Denninger lays out some good points on the state of American resistance to tyranny (nowhere in evidence) brought up by Ishmael of the Over the Transom blog.

Let’s take a moment and give props to the Canadian truckers who got their government’s and fellow Canadians’ attention.  Good for them.  They did something, along with those who walked fuel and food to them to keep the protest going.  Great use of logistics and tactics, my hat is off to you!

Truckers are pureblood allies.  There is no argument that the truckers’ actions had an effect on the war.  They arrived and fought on the battlefield.  

The government announced a crack down, so we’ll see how it plays out over the next few days.

Contrast with the US:  no widespread parking lots, everyone is still in trudge along to get along mode.  There’s low level disruptions (keep vacationing in place!) in daily life, most notably in the supply chain.  Even fat bitch Karens are noticing higher grocery prices and holes in shelves.  But so far, pretty quiet.

Boston, New York City, and Minneapolis allowed vaxports.  Vaxports are the equivalent of sucking government cock after it ****s you in the ass.  Enjoy the taste of your own ****.  The pure bloods haven’t burned the cities to the ground in a mostly peaceful protest.  Why is that?  What will it take to set things off?

I don’t know.  There’s two ways this ends: either 1% decides they’ve had enough, or we will be slowly boiled until we are grateful daddy government allowed us to exist in our own homes without a mask on Tuesdays.

No, that’s not impossible.  Over the past two years, as a people, we’ve demonstrated we will trade our humanity for safety.  Tard Karen believes a magic filthy rag wards off a deadly plague.  Others wear one for work so they have a place to live.  Still others won’t rock the boat to remain part of their group.

Why hasn’t it happened here yet?   Here is a summary of commonly discussed reasons:

  • Enough people still have too much to lose.  There’s affordable food on the shelves– for now.  Debt is cheap–for now.  As the “transitory” inflation continues to hit food and energy, fewer people have “too much to lose”.  This has huge potential as a tipping point.  Hungry people will not link arms and say the Lord’s Prayer, politicians will fill their stomachs.

  • No one wants to be the lone nutter.  Building a guillotine on the White House lawn will draw some unwanted attention.  So will hanging a few hospital administrators from the nearest overpass.  Too soon and you go to jail alone, a despised killer. Too early and you die for nothing except a personal scorecard. For some that will be enough. But when the 1% steps up, survivors and their descendants will build statues in these patriots’ honor.

  • Normalcy bias, the belief that things will return to normal, is strong because of the two previous points.  Karens plan on boiling the pure bloods slowly until everyone forgets what normal is and accepts the commie “new normal.”

These point to one inescapable fact of human nature: Everyone wants someone else to be the 1%. 

When one side joins the battlefield (in this case, the trucker protests) sometime so predictable happens it should be a standard for atomic clocks:  The naysaying whiners crawl out from whatever slime pit they hide in and tank morale.  These people pretend to be on one side, but their words and lack of actions say the opposite.  There is no shame in sitting out a fight, but there IS in discouraging others from a just crusade.

Some are traitors and deserve treatment as such.  Sometimes, they’re simply justifying their own (in)actions.

Is what they say a reason or an excuse?  Reasons and excuses are on a continuum. What is a reason in one situation is an excuse in another.  Reasons become excuses when someone points to their line and justifies cucking when it is crossed. Reflect now why you haven’t turned the local blue hive into a parking lot before the protests travel south. The time to separate reasons from excuses is before you join the battlefield.

Will you join protests?  Under what circumstances, ie, where is your line? Do you have the fortitude to stick to it?  Mental prepwork is essential for the 1%.  

Maybe the answer is no, for any reason.  That is ok, not every fight is for every person.  Avoiding a fed operation and subsequently serving in pound-me-in-the-ass-prison is essential, vigilance is proper.  That is a reason not to join a (fake) movement. Ditto for not wanting to be the lone wolf parked on the interstate.  The wolf will resemble Wile E. Coyote, flattened for nothing, no roadrunner roast.

But if you decide to fight, weed out excuses. Purity spiraling is at the heart of the most pathetic set.  Recognize them so they don’t stop you from fighting when it’s time.

Allies act.  No war is won by words alone.  If your line is crossed, join allies already on the battlefield.

Let’s assume whatever transpires isn’t a sting and an honest tactical maneuver.  Here are a couple of purity spiraling excuse examples.

The plan isn’t perfect.  The leader, the goals, or the tactics don’t align perfectly with yours.  Oh no, but if it was, boy howdy, would you get off the couch and join them.

This line of thought requires ignoring that the un-pure army produces desired results.  One day, when the right allies appear, you’ll join them.  One day…

They aren’t doing it right.  Sadly, an army already on the field is unlikely to recognize you as their Five Star General.   If their actions work, support their efforts or shut the **** up and stay on the couch.  Don’t derail a functioning battle plan.  Those who disrupt working tactics have a special name: traitors.

Another set of excuses is due to mindset.  Mindset determines success or failure as much as tactics and logistics.  Mindset is the result of life experience and it will not change overnight, if at all.  However, we deserve some leniency for not developing a killer, win-or-die mindset.  Life hasn’t been trying to actively kill us for long enough soybois and girldicks require a safe space when someone uses the wrong pronoun.  On the other hand, peace and ease allowed modern Western Civilization to flourish.

But there is one item from pop culture that has destroyed mindset development so much, some evil mastermind is kicking himself for not inventing it:  the montage.

Yes, the montage.  What does a montage imply?  It only takes 3:30 to go from zero to hero.  Any skill can be mastered in the time it takes to listen to the movie’s hit song.  No failure, no missteps, no tangents where a single slice of the skill is drilled and drilled until practice is complete hell.  None of that.  According to the montage, skills are for special, gifted people only.  They are learned by those special people quickly and easily.  If someone isn’t an expert instantly, they never will be.

What an absolute load of horse****.  Just like learning a physical skill, developing mental skills and planning takes time. There are other ways real life improvement is different than the montage:  training is not the sole thing in your life.  Bills have to be paid, house cleaned, cars repaired, kids raised.  The goal can’t be worked towards constantly.

Get used to failure.  It’s your constant companion and best friend.  It’s not something to avoid, it’s something to embrace.  Iron sharpens iron.  Failure is your personal iron.  It will show you how to improve faster than anything else.

Improvement is sporadic and unpredictable.  Some skills are natural, some make banging your head into a wall look fun–until it clicks.  That moment is magical, more so than any movie montage.

If you believe what the montage teaches, you will never have the skills to join the war, nor will the time ever be right.  It will remain a possibility only for the special people, those who will save us.  This dovetails perfectly with the human desire for someone else to be the 1%.

Do you have reasons or excuses? Are excuses the result of too many montages?  That’s a question everyone answers for themselves.

If you shall fight: Decide where you line is, under what circumstances you’ll join the fight.  Examine your hesitations and separate the reasons from the excuses.  And for the love of all that is victory, flush all montage bull**** and put in the work required.

99% of us won’t be the ones who force normal back by any means necessary.  The previous observations still apply.  Everyone has a goal or something in their lives they don’t like.  The same mindset applies:  Why aren’t you changing your circumstances or working towards your goal?  Reasons or excuses? What perfect moment are you waiting for?  Be your own ally, get off the couch and win your war.  Actions take time to accomplish.  Mindset can start immediately.  Neither happens in a montage.

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