GBRA to commemorate the 107th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide

On the evening of April 27th the Glendale Burbank Crescenta Valley Republican Assembly will hold a commemoration of the 1915 Armenian Genocide.

Appo Jabarian (Editor of the USA Armenian Life Newspaper) will be our special guest on Wednesday, April 27 and will be doing the invocation for the commemoration of the 107th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide.

All are encouraged to attend.  This commemoration is more than a remembrance of a tragic and formative event in the psyche of the Armenian people.  It is a disquieting reminder of humanity’s propensity to project our own demons on others, then attempt to exorcise them by murdering the other.  When Hitler saw what had been done to the Armenians and that the world did nothing whatever to stop it, he knew that he had found the Final Solution.

Mass murder is one of the common threads that link the Ottoman Turks, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Rwanda, all the way back to Cain and Abel.  This 107th commemoration of the Armenian Genocide is a stark and timely reminder that the conditions that enable and foment this ancient evil are being recreated in our country, in our times and in our schools.

Unlike the Armenians of 1915 who may well have seen the storm brewing but were powerless to stop it we see the storm brewing and absolutely have the power to stop it.  We have the soap box, the jury box, the ballot box, and if we fail these, the cartridge box.  Pray God it never comes to that.  God helps those who help themselves, hence the vital need to educate ourselves and our fellow citizens on the people and issues we will be called to vote on June 7.

What: Armenian Genocide Commemoration and Introduction of Local Candidates with Catered Dinner
When: Wednesday April 27, 2022
Time: 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM
Where: La Crescenta Women’s Club
Address: 4004 La Crescenta Blvd. La Crescenta CA 91214
NOTE: This is a catered event, all reservations MUST be prepaid.

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