GBRA Dinner and Seminar at Damon’s Steakhouse, Wed., March 27th.

Dinner and Seminar at Damon’s Steakhouse, March 27th.
Welcome to Sausage-making 101, GOP Politics, The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.
When: Wednesday, March 27, 2024
Time: 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Address: 317 N. Brand Blvd., Glendale, CA 91203
See Lou Barnett’s C.V. below
Louis Wm. Barnett


Proven leadership and management under challenging conditions. Set vision and implemented strategic planning. Co-Founder of the American Legislative Exchange Council, National Political Director of Regan’s PAC, Citizens for the Republic, Pacific Research Institute Award Winner on Low Income Housing, Successful Recommended the privatization of a State of California housing program, Commissioner of the CA State Senate Cost Control Advisory Commission, helped re-write the California Civil Rights Initiative and found a political sponsor to qualify it, Co-Authored a book Jerry Brown’s Judicial Legacy, and board member of the only accredited conservative online university.


The Peace Corps 2003 – Present

Chief, Country Director Selection Washington, DC

  • Successfully improved the recruitment/hiring process and the strengths of the Country Directors hired, earning a rare MSI (CDs scored higher on 18 of 20 CPI elements than others who took the CPI)

  • Managed contractors in Alabama, Minnesota, New York and San Francisco, revamped the process, included Behavior Based Interviewing, Emotional Intelligence testing, etc.

  • Report to the Chief of Staff and work collaboratively with senior executives

  • Top Secret Security Clearance

The Leadership Institute 2000 – 2003

Vice President for Programs Arlington, VA

  • Increased the effectiveness of a $7 million nationwide non-profit leading to 2003 being the best year for people trained despite budget cuts of 40%

  • Developed a non-profit client base at the President/CEO level and designed programs to meet their unique needs

  • Reported to the President and the Board of Directors

  • Created a high performing team spread around the country despite challenges

  • Managed 29 different training schools, responsible for content, removed structural impediments to growth, and increased program revenue by over 253%

  • Supervised 25 employees plus contractors, the training and intern facilities, and the website

  • Developed the talent of the employees including managers and supervisors, made pay recommendations, worked with 4 CFOs to obtain appropriate budget formats and financial reporting

  • Remedied high turnover and lengthened average employee tenure by over 50%

  • Conducted bottom up review of organizational and delivery structures

  • Promoted new HR polices in a new manual, documented job descriptions/duties, and developed new compensation plans, and drove new benefits program

  • Improved customer service, student information records, and tracked alumni

  • Shared Founder’s Vision in donor meetings and speeches

California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board 1991 – 2000

Chairman (1995 -2000) Sacramento, CA

Vice Chairman (1992-95)

Member of the Board (1991-2000)

  • Turned an operating deficit into a surplus without layoffs by restructuring the Board to increased output by 10%, and to grow and contract with work

  • Management of the nation’s largest appeals board with an annual budget of $52 million, 500 employees, over 12 major facilities statewide, and a reputation as the nation’s most professional Appeals Board

  • Reported to the Governor and the State Legislature

  • Established a Strategic Vision and a plan for the Board

  • Built a high performing team

  • Simplified the management structure, oversaw union issues, upgraded computer systems replacing a mainframe system with PCs, reorganized the budget and budget process, aligned HQ with Field and Appellant needs, updated purchasing practices, and oversaw Chief Counsel and Attorney General on contracts, litigation, and MOUs

  • Responsible for major HR decisions including not settling litigation brought by former employees

CA Department of Housing and Community Development 1991

Deputy Project Director, Century City Housing Program Inglewood, CA

  • Hired by the Cabinet Secretary over the Department to study the program and prepared a report which led to privatizing the housing program

  • Managed staff, responsible for management information systems, increased efficiency

  • Member, Loan Committee: Evaluated loan proposals and voted to grant/deny housing project and real estate loans

Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco 1990 – 95

Director San Francisco, CA

  • Led the largest FHLB in the system, with assets of $35 billion, to a new line of investments

  • Assessed economic and regulatory risks/opportunities and set long – range policy accordingly

  • Chaired the Cost of Funds Index Oversight Committee. Served on the Audit and Affordable Housing Committees

  • Approved the budget, financial reporting, long-term forecasting, federal compliance, and credit and other risk policies

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  1. Dear Mr, Louis Wm. Barnett,

    Could you hold a rally some Friday or Saturday? Unfortunately, many people work on Wednesday.
    I appreciate you tor taking your time.

    Julie L

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