GBRA Administrative announcement – raising annual dues

The GBRA has in recent weeks urged new and renewing members to get their memberships squared away before we raise the annual dues.

The GBRA Bylaws require that the proposition be put to the registered members present at a regular members’ meeting.  The next such meeting is going to be March 23, 2022.  The Bylaws further require that the vote to raise the annual dues be announced two weeks before the date of that general meeting.  Therefore this announcement must occur before March 9, 2022.  Notice is hereby given.

The proposal to be presented to the membership is the following:  “Shall the GBRA annual dues be increased to $35 from the current $25 effective April 1, 2022?”

The proposal would pass if a simple majority of of registered members present at that meeting approve the measure.  If the measure is approved dues would increase to $35 effective April 1.  If it fails the annual dues will remain at the current level, $25 per year.

The reason the GBRA Board is asking for this change is that costs have been going up, as we all know.  Even by assiduously economizing the Club finds that we are running in the red more frequently.  This modest increase in dues will help the Club offset increasing costs and remain solvent in the face of unfortunate fiscal realities affecting the entire economy.

Dues have been set at $25 for over 25 years.  CRA keeps $15, and sends back $10 per membership to the club.  If we are able to raise dues to $35, we will receive $20 per membership, and that will help tremendousl.

The GBRA Board unanimously recommends a “YES” vote to this modest proposal in March 23rd.



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  1. Increasing the annual dues from $25 to $35 is very economical and is not going to hurt anybody’s pocket. Long overdue and I support the increase.
    Celeste Greig

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