Forget George Soros, Find Out Who Is Really Funding The Destruction of America!

As usual the meat of the matter starts at about the 15 minute mark.

Here is the site he’s talking about.  Your Irascible Correspondent is also appalled that the companies I’ve been buying from for years are contributing to causes I bitterly oppose.  I’m already off of Gillette, I haven’t been in a Target in years.  Its going to be harder to give up on Amazon and CVS, but I’ll find a way.  This is going to be difficult and uncomfortable.  But not nearly as uncomfortable as it was at Valley Forge.  It is not going to be nearly as difficult as storming the beaches at Normandy.  None of us is going to pay the price others have paid for us to be here today.  None of us has any excuse to continue to support those who are determined to kill America.

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