Fixing elections – is it even possible?

Yes, it is possible, even in California.  California is an exceptionally tough row to hoe in this regard, but it can be done, and must be done.  Eventually it will be done, if for no other reason that most other States will have fixed theirs and the pressure for California to conform will intensify.

He wasn’t kidding.  Click to watch

The Arizona forensic audit will reveal shocking facts that will greatly incense Americans and force a hard demand for change across the nation.  The Demoncrats have thown everything they have against this audit for a reason.  Their criminal activities can only happen in the dark.  Once their extent and depth of their, to quote Beijing Biden, “We have put together the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”

The American Thinker carried an insightful article by Jay Valentine about this in March of 2021:

When you are at the table with some of the top criminal profilers in the world, talking about industrial scale election fraud, you do more listening than talking.  And the listening was interesting.  The profilers have zero interest in U.S. elections.  Two of them did not vote and had unflattering opinions about both presidential candidates.  Their comments were most insightful because they saw the current questions about election fraud so differently than the American media.

To them, 2020 election fraud was an industrial level crime.  It was of such magnitude that it moved from the category of an election crime to a sovereign crime.

Sovereign crime.  It does have a ring to it.

Sovereign crime is not something we see a lot of in America as our governmental institutions are generally not organized to commit, support or hide a crime.

Most Americans have never seen an organized crime take place, in plain view, supported by or covered up by governmental institutions.  But it happens all the time around the world, even in some countries that are quite Westernized.

Sovereign crime means your government was a participant, active or passive, enabling vote fraud.

Governors and secretaries of state refusing to cleanse voter rolls, refusing to check signatures for mail-in ballots – even during recounts, changing the voting rules weeks before an election, qualifies as your government messing with your vote.

The national government refusing to investigate the most egregious examples of voter fraud like hundreds of thousands of more ballots than voters in several states, that is a pretty good indicator that they are passive participants in industrial level vote fraud.

It is coming out in Arizona.  The preliminary report was just the tip of the iceberg, there is more on the way.  The Communist Party USA which flies under the false flag of the Democratic Party, knows it and will stop at nothing to prevent it.  All their usual tools are in play, lying, misdirection, bribery, blackmail, intimidation, extortion, murder, these are the tools of their trade.

They know the day of reckoning is coming and they will stop at nothing to stave it off or delay it in any way they can.  They are desperate, and like the cornered rats they are (apologies to rats), they are extremely dangerous.  We are over the target, they are the target and the flack is heavy.  Press on.

The most important step we can take at this time is to sequester the physical and electronic records from the 2020 election.  They are conducting a delaying action to run out the clock until September 3, 2022 when the evidence can all be legally destroyed – not that they aren’t destroying what they can get away with in the meantime.  We must protect that evidence and at all costs prevent its destruction.  Starting with the physical ballots themselves.

Why the physical ballots?  Because the images of the ballots have been compromised.

Click to watch how ballot images are compromised.


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