Eric Early on the radio

Our friend and future Congressional representative Eric Early has a regular radio show, and it kicks off this Saturday.  What a great opportunity to learn about the difference between this good man and Adam Schiftless Schiff.

When: Saturdays 1:00 – 2:00 PM, Replay Sunday 8:00 – 9:00 PM Pacific time.

Where: CRN 1     Click on the little icon to go there and listen.

4 Comments on “Eric Early on the radio

  1. We are doing grave damage to the economy by keeping the economy closed. Safer at home is about to become more at risk financially, for consumers, borrowers, at many levels.
    Businesses already in trouble may have their demise hastened. Think Sears and JCPenny.
    Interest rates may be zero, but lending standards are already tightening because many of us are now a credit risk.
    The infection models are not accurate. We need to start reopening this economy, and now. Already 22 million have been laid off.
    How many young people should go into debt as a result of stay at home?
    Do they know what they are doing at the board of supervisors? The sales and property tax is already cratering big time; they better start cutting budgets.

  2. Our business is a family business and unfortunately has dropped 95% since the coronavirus and now the shutdown of the state.
    I live in Glendale and our business is also in Glendale.

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