Eric Early adds another station to his lineup

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Eric Early is a father, small businessman and attorney who is running against Adam Schiff for Congress in California’s 28th Congressional District.

Eric is the co-owner and Managing Partner of a 25 lawyer nationally recognized law firm which practices in courts throughout America.  He signs the front of many people’s paychecks every two weeks.  Eric and his fiancé Emerald have 4 children, two dogs and a cat between them.

Eric is not a politician.  He jumped in the race against Adam Schiff for two main reasons.  First, Eric believes that there is a battle of good versus evil currently raging in our country, to the point where those who support communism and socialism remarkably now populate certain portions of our government. Now is not a time for good people to sit on the sidelines as the evil multiply.  Second, Eric lives in the 28th District and took personally Adam Schiff’s endless lies about the President – who Eric supports – supposedly colluding with the Russians to get elected.  Eric got fed up so he stepped up.  Eric jumped in the race even before Schiff’s impeachment travesty began.

Soon after entering the race, Eric was endorsed by the Los Angeles County Republican Party and remains humbled and indebted to his many friends within the great LAGOP.

Eric beat six other challengers in the March 3 primary for the distinct privilege of taking on Schiff head to head.  The campaign has a robust national small donor fundraising effort which is helping fuel the campaign against one of the most hated politicians in America today and one of the worst Congressmen of our lifetimes.

In addition to the harm he has caused the nation, Schiff has completely abandoned the 28th District, has done nothing while the homelessness epidemic exploded in the District, and unlike Eric, lacks the tools that will be needed to rebuild the 28th from the ground up as it and the country digs out of the Covid-19 nightmare.

This is Eric’s second political campaign.  In 2016, Eric ran against Xavier Becerra for California Attorney General.  Eric earned almost 1 million votes state wide and remains intent on doing what needs to be done for Republicans to retake the once and future Golden State of California.


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  1. I am writing to tell you about my book, Babylonian Insurgency. Before you dismiss this as my way of promoting it, please understand I have a story that must be told. While working in Hollywood’s motion picture industry, I had started to become indoctrinated in the ways of the unions and their political affiliations. After a few years I found myself not only excluded by them, but also identified as their targeted enemy. Early on I was told, “We pretty much have California locked up. We are going to take over the country.” What we are currently witnessing in American politics is the culmination of a long-term objective planned out by a collaborative movement. Babylonian Insurgency is an exposé regarding this subject drawn from my experiences and is intended to provoke an awakening to what is going on in our nation today. The book is available in both paperback and Kindle forms at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. The story must be told. Thank you for your attention.

  2. Every Republican in America should make a donation to Eric Early’s campaign just like most Democrats across America contributed to Adam Schiff’s first campaign to unseat Republican Rep James Rogan in 2000. Republicans need to make Adam Schiff pay of what he has done to this country.

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