End oppression? Its always the reverse of what they say.

The 1936 Soviet Constitution guaranteed Soviet citizens all kinds of rights they never enjoyed.  Everything it guaranteed the average Russian never got and never would get, guaranteed.   Incidentally, FDR’s New Deal was based on the 1936 Soviet Constitution.

When people flee oppression they want either to free others from it or enslave others to it.  That poor, oppressed Ilhan Omar, having fled poverty, war, famine and chaos by means of immigration fraud now finds herself intolerably burdened by living in America where she has the power to influence the national destiny while being paid more than three times the national average.  What a tale of woe!  It is to weep for her travails.  NOT!

A Venezuelan refugee who fled poverty, famine, chaos and political repression has a few words to say about that.

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