Electoral fortification, 2022 edition

Just in case anybody was thinking that there was anything honest about the 2022 midterm elections in general, or in Arizona in particular, consider this:

Kimberly Yee, Treasurer elect for the State of Arizona, won her election by a whopping 281,316 votes, trouncing her Democrat rival by 11.4 points.  Why is this significant?

Consider that the four top Arizona races everyone was focusing on, and which drew by far the lion’s share of the media coverage, were the races for Governor, Senator, Secretary of State and Attorney General, all of which were ‘won’ by Demon-rats after a prolonged counting period and multiple post-election, late appearing ballot drops “Oh, look!  We found some more boxes of ballots.  Oopsie!”). Do you mean to tell me that the four main stars of the Arizona political scene, the four posts that have the power to blow open the investigation in to what the forensic audit of the 2020 election revealed, all lost?  That Arizonans, who are mostly Republican, who joyfully flaunted their support for President Trump with 70 mile long car parades, who witnessed the 2020 debacle and followed the Maricopa audit, who understand the trickery and were burning with righteous rage, voted for DEMOCRATS?

I’m not having it.  Not just no, but HELL NO!

The Donks screwed up.  They focused their attention on the four races that were vital to them, Governor, Senate, Secretary of State and Attorney General, and didn’t pay attention to the Arizona State Treasurer, because it was not vital to their survival.  So we have real numbers for Treasurer, which gives a clear picture of what was on the minds of the Arizona electorate, and what their intentions were.  Thank God they are stupid.

There are two corollaries to this that must be mentioned.

One is Tulsi Gabbard.  She fled the Democrat Party, you will recall, no doubt looking for greener political pastures.  She knows the score, and while denouncing the Commie-crats’ observably insane behavior, did not denounce the election ‘fortification’ machine, of which she had to know and have participated in.  She is not to be trusted.  She traipsed about all over the place stumping for Republican candidates she KNEW were targeted by election ‘fortification’ and were doomed to lose.  Why?  Is she piling up favor points to redeemed at a more favorable time?  You betcha!  She is a snake, a very attractive snake, but so was the one in Eden.

Second, the Republican Party is aware of this cheating, and participates in it.  This is evident from the fact that all over the country Republicans fought against any kind of audit just as hard as the Communists Democrats did.  In fact the whole system could not survive without Republican participation.  We need to clean up our Party, starting right here in Los Angeles, starting with the local Party Chairmen.

Many are going to say, “We can’t do anything, everything is rigged against us and we are helpless.  Woe!  Woe!  Woe!”

To which your Irascible Correspondent says, “Oh, Stop it, you whiny crybabies!”  We the People have the power, and they know it.  They are terrified because they know the real numbers.  They are terrified that the fragile construction of lies and cover ups will crack and expose them to the People’s wrath.  Well, their filthy, corrupt secrets are coming into the light.  Once we were a people in darkness, but now we have come into the light.  And we don’t like what we see.

I detailed how a takeover of the GOP could be done back in July of 2020, following the results of the California Primary that year.  It was a call to action that garnered no response.  I wonder if it will this time.  Or, try this:

Ask me how, click on the image.

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