Election integrity: applying what we’ve learned

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The League of Women Voters is hosting a Zoom meeting to discuss the Impact of  November 2020 Ballot Measures on Equity and Justice.  Most will say, “I’m not interested in Equity and Justice, its all left wing B.S.”  You would be right that it is all left wing B.S., but you would be dead wrong about ignoring the issue.

You can be assured that Equity and Justice are a big part of the Progressive agenda they intend to shove down our throats.  You may not be interested in Equity and Justice, but Equity and Justice is interested in you, as in, you are the target.  They will use these twisted ideas to pry even more rights away from us, and that includes YOU, your kids and grand kids.

The single greatest reason we are in the mess we’re in today is because over the last 50+ years the majority of conservatives and Republicans have laughed off their preposterous notions and refused to get involved in the fight against them.

But we all want equity and justice, don’t we?  Not what they mean by those terms, which are practically the exact opposite of the dictionary definitions.  What do they mean?



Get educated, get involved, get loud.

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