Dr. Peter McCullough’s Covid preparedness kit

Tracy Beanz’ eye opening interview  Dr. Peter McCullough on her radio show reveals a wealth of information about the latest research on Covid-19 and its treatment.  He is big on prevention and early treatment.  He suggests that everyone ought to have a Covid plan and a Covid kit and know how to use it.  Here’s what’s in the kit:

*Nasal spray/rinse solution you can make at  home:
**[2 tspn povidone iodine or betadine (or for those allergic to iodine, hydrogen peroxide) and a pinch of salt in 6 oz water (suggest distilled water)]
*50mg Zinc
*5,000 units Vitamin D3
*3,000 mg Vitamin C
*500 mg Quercetin

The interview begins at the 24 minute mark, but you probably want to hear about the Woke Supremacist’s insane reaction to a Dad providing Ivermectin prophylactically to his teenage kids that precedes the McCullough interview.

4 Comments on “Dr. Peter McCullough’s Covid preparedness kit

    • Hi Susan,

      That’s a great question.

      Here’s what I know for sure.

      Some viruses can dry out on a table or counter, and subsequently after some point they die.

      Other viruses can dry up completely and still be dangerous. One example is hepatitis. For example a drop of blood containing hepatitis dries completely after being smeared on a counter. Weeks Later somebody comes by with a damp Rag and water and wipes the table. Once the blood is moistened the hepatitis comes back to life.

      I don’t know if covid, and variants, dies when it’s dried up, or if it is a virus that comes back to life when moistened.

      But I think in this day and age we all know to use some kind of disinfectant when we clean. I like Mr. Clean personally. But water with a splash of bleach is also excellent.


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