Dr. Peter McCullough on the hole in treatment

As you listen to him it is clear that the hole in Covid treatment didn’t just happen, it was deliberately created and maintained.  All media, online social media, TV, print, worked together to first, suppress any knowledge of treatment, then to redirect the mental focus away from even considering treatment.  As he says, it is unprecedented and remarkable.  To this day Twitter, Youtube and Facebook will flag and remove any content that suggests that there might be effective treatment and more effective ways to dealing with the situation than wearing a mask, social distancing and getting the so-called “vaccine.”  Your Irascible Correspondent’s Twitter account is locked for having dared to try and present evidence contrary to the Party Line, and has frequently been “fact checked” on Facebook for “misinformation.”

In the video he points out that the public worldwide, not just in the United States, has been presented with only one point of view they have been led to believe that a positive Covid test is a sentence of death for which the only recourse is the “vaccine.”  No wonder, then, that parents at School Boards and ordinary citizens City Council meetings in Burbank, Glendale and La Canada are so adamant about demanding universal vaccination.  They are terrified for themselves and their children!

Because this censorship of non-compliant points of view has been and remains so pervasive, organized, aggressive and enduring, and tragically, successful, it is clear that we are dealing with a massive conspiracy.  This is not a conspiracy theory, it is a fact.  A great deal has been revealed about this conspiracy, the identity of some of the conspirators, their motivations and methods, yet much remains hidden.  An investigation must be done, and will be done, but not in time to prevent terrible outcomes from unfolding.

The immediate task is to bring our fellow countrymen who remain mired in fear to a realization that there are alternatives and there is hope.  This is best done by presenting evidence that will crack the wall of silence and create a willingness to consider other points of view.  I know I tend to look at these people as sheep, think of them as stupid, regard them with contempt and dismiss them rather than engage.  Our approach needs to be compassionate, motivated by love for our fellow Americans who are too scared to help themselves.  I know I am very, very angry, that is because I am very, very scared, and so are they.

I overcame my terror of the WuFlu when I saw and understood the data.  Turns out not that many people can make the leap from data to understanding.  Turns out that most people need to led into a trusting relationship before they can release their fear enough to look at the data, much less understand it.  How odd that I have known this for a long time, but only now see it again today.  Here, I’ll bore you with a story.

Many years ago I was the leader of the Young Adult group at my church.  It happened that one young lady, a group member, went off to college.  Upon her return she wanted to regale me with all the wonderful secular humanist (as we called it back in the day) nonsense she was learning.  When I tried to point out the errors she grew irritated and defensive.  Seeing that I was pushing her into a corner and would end up forcing her to fortify that corner, I just listened politely and kindly to her discourse.

At the end of the encounter as we were about to part, I suggested that we pray.  Being a good Catholic girl she immediately bowed her head and stuck out her hand.  My prayer was brief (just the way I like them): “Thank you Father for this time together, send us your Holy Spirit that we may know the truth.  Amen.”  She went back to college shortly after.

Six months later I received a letter from her telling me that I had been right (I had hardly been able to get a word in edgewise) and that now she was going to church every week, reading her Bible and praying every day.  I should not have been astonished, the Holy Spirit knows his job if only we open a space for Him to come in.

‘Nuff said, on to the good doctor.

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