Dr. Death returns

American Action News brings good news for the grim reaper:

Ezekiel Emanuel is back. A major architect of Obamacare as a health advisor to the Obama White House who is the brother of then-White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel was dubbed “Dr. Death” by Obamacare critics for his role in developing what Republicans called “Death Panels” as part of the plan.

The bioethicist re-emerged this spring as an advisor to former Vice President Joe Biden’s “Public Health Advisory Committee” to which Biden named him just as health officials, the media, and politicians were realizing that the threat from the coronavirus that had made its way here from China is real.

Emanuel was an interesting choice because he has been a longtime advocate of health care rationing in general and withholding care from the elderly in particular. His 1974 article for The Atlantic expressed the hope that he would die at 75 because living longer just isn’t worth it either to society or the elderly themselves. Better, he argued, to recognize the inevitable and check out or at least not expect younger taxpayers to help keep one alive when the elderly are of little or no use to themselves or society.

“Interesting choice” my Aunt Fanny’s foot!  The Sacred  Scriptures presented us with the four horsemen of the apocalypse.  The Socialists present us with the four commissars of the apocalypse: famine, terror, mass murder and failure.  I think we can safely peg Dr. Emanuel as the commissar of mass murder.

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