Desperate measures – 1

I’ve labeled this post Desperate measures – 1 because I am quite sure that this is just the beginning.  The Deep State is losing control, their plan to implement the Great Reset is coming apart.  They thought that people would comply fairly easily, and that the levels of noncompliance would be fairly minimal.  That is not proving to be the case.  Consequently they are implementing more forceful measures to compel compliance.

In Ireland and Holland loudspeakers have appeared all over the place in certain urban locations, barking out orders to comply with the Covid mandates.  This reminds me of the early Soviet Union.  The government provided a radio to every home and business.  It had only one station, was hardwired and had no off switch or volume control.  It was literally Soviet propaganda 24/7.

In New Brunswick, Canada, an edict has been issued that allows grocery stores to refuse entrance without a “Vaccine” passport.  Allow a couple of weeks to let peole get used to the idea and then the passports will be required to buy food.  As with the propaganda loudspeakers these are pilot programs.  If they are reasonably successful they will be rolled out everywhere.

The time to resist is now.  It will never be easier than it is today.  It will only get harder tomorrow and every day thereafter.  Brace yourself because the harder they push the harder people will resist, which will only drive them to more extreme action.  I’m sure it will not be too long before I put up Desperate measures – 2.

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