Dems jiggering the CA recall election

Everyone pretty much knows that if the Dems don’t cheat the can’t win.  So of course the cheat.  The question then becomes, “How are they going to cheat this time?”  So glad you asked!  So far a couple low tech ways have been discovered, hat tip to The Gateway Pundit.

When folds run through candidate vote space it either does not scan and forces adjudication OR outright misaligns and auto-cancels the vote.  The design of the ballot will negatively impact Elder.

Your Irascible Correspondent notes that the fold does not intersect Larry’s line on the ballot he received.

This second hack is referred to as the “postman hack”.  This simple low-level hack perpetrated on voters is one of many ways a vote can be stolen.  This is just one of them.  Think about it if 10,000 of these votes were stolen?  This is sometimes the narrow thin margin nefarious actors need to win!

In addition, your Irascible Correspondent noticed that one of the alignment marks on the ballot he received is mis-aligned. The marks should align perfectly so that when seen against a bright background the mark should appear to be one mark. This is the lower center alignment mark, the other four are OK.
The ultimate meaning of this mis-alignment is unknown, but given the propensity of Donks to cheat any divergence from the norm is suspicious.

Some of my associates suggest that rather than mail your ballot in, or drop it in a drop-box, that going to a voting location in person is a safer alternative.  Go in person, hand your mail-in ballot to the election worker, ask for it to be voided (and make sure that it is, I suspect that writing “VOID” across it in large letters yourself will suffice) and ask for a fresh ballot you can mark yourself and turn in to the onsite team.

For extra credit remember that vote harvesting is legal in California.  So you can go around to your shut in neighbors or your local old folks’ home, collect their marked ballots and turn them in at a voting location and turn them in there.  More on vote harvesting and how to do it at this link.

One might cynically think that attempting to prevent election fraud in California is a fool’s errand.  Not so!  A choice to not push back is a choice to allow them to steamroller us.  Every time we thwart them in however small way we reduce the effectiveness of their fraud, make it harder for them to win and increase the probability of an election with honest results.

The results of the Arizona forensic audit are supposed to presented today, expect to hear a massive explosion that will be heard across the world and shake every American to the core.

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