Democratic-Led El Paso Sending Thousands Of Migrants To ‘Sanctuary’ Cities

Republican Nation breaks the story:

El Paso, Texas, a Democrat-led city across the border from Suarez, Mexico, has sent about 7,000 illegal migrants by bus to New York City and over 1,800 to Chicago since July.

The numbers put on buses by the city far outstrip the efforts made by Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott but have received little fanfare. Abbott’s campaign to draw attention to President Joe Biden’s open border has, by contrast, sent less than 4,000 to the two “sanctuary” cities.

Democrats in the White House and leading the cities receiving the illegal migrants have been united in their sharp criticism of Republican efforts to spread the border crisis away from their home states.

El Paso, for the record, is 82% Latino, a solidly blue Democratic city, and home to Texas gubernatorial hopeful Beto O’Rourke.

El Paso’s leaders have avoided the critical spotlight while sending even more illegal migrants northwards than the governors, they say, by coordinating with the receiving cities.

For example, El Paso lets New York City officials know when a bus is traveling there from the border. NYC mayoral spokesperson Kate Smart said the coordination could stand improvement and would like to know how many migrants are arriving before they get there.

The immigration issue is front and center on the minds of many American voters, and the Texas efforts appear to strike a chord. A recent Reuters/Ipsos survey revealed that respondents trust Republicans over Democrats to deal with the issue effectively.

Democrats in the White House and receiving cities have a difference of opinion. They charge that the GOP leadership is grandstanding and creating confusion in the process of spreading the migrants around the country.

This criticism, of course, comes even as the cities themselves declare they are “sanctuaries.”

El Paso is seeking federal reimbursement for the busing costs, arguing that the illegal migrants are not coming to their city, but “to the United States.” Democratic Mayor Oscar Leeser said that his program treats people “with respect” and is different from other other busing initiatives.

It is also run by Democrats, which apparently brings a considerable difference in perception.

Heh.  This is a good thing.

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