Crime wave

Instapundit links to an article in Common Sense: When the Crime Wave Hits Your Family.

My wife and I are scrambling to find daycare for our 16-month-old son. We’ve had a “nanny share” up until now, which means we and another couple employ a nanny for both couples’ kids and split the cost. Our nanny is wonderful, and she lives just a few blocks from us. But a few weeks ago, someone walked up her street spraying bullets into random houses. One of the bullets found its way into her living room, as she and her family ducked for cover. At that moment, she and her husband decided they were moving their family out of Oakland.

The shooting didn’t even make the local news. Apparently, in the Bay Area right now, you can walk up a residential street firing your gun into houses, and you still won’t be able to compete for attention with all of the other sensational crimes.

Perhaps you’ve heard about some of them or seen the videos.

Shoplifters casually walk into Walgreens stores in San Francisco filling garbage bags full of merchandise. They’ve spat on, bitten, assaulted, and thrown bottles of urine at employees.

The flashmob-style “smash and grab” robberies that originated here—in places like Union Square in San Francisco and the shopping plaza in affluent Walnut Creek—have now spread across the country.

Asian seniors are brazenly assaulted in the street; one octogenarian was body slammed to death. This week, an Afghan refugee—a father of three who had worked as a translator for the U.S. army—was shot dead near a playground in San Francisco’s Potrero Hill neighborhood.

And now freeway shootings are a thing. A few weeks ago, at nine in the morning, a 29-year-old mom on her way from Oakland to San Francisco for a job interview with her fiancé and two kids was randomly shot and killed in her SUV at the Bay Bridge toll plaza. In an interview, the victim’s mother recalled being heartbroken after hearing the story of an earlier crime, in which Jasper Wu, a two year-old who was sleeping in his car seat, was shot and killed by a stray bullet fired from another car driving in the opposite direction. It was not even two weeks later when she lost her own daughter the same way.

John Kass News talks about it too: Rise of Violent Crime: Democrats Have a Woke Rogue Prosecutor Problem.  He notes the rise of violent crime, as do we all, attributes it to weak prosecutors, the San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin, who are soft on crime, and warns of a voter backlash.  There is a truly horrifying background on Boudin, a red diaper baby if there ever was one.

Kass is right to be concerned with crime, but he is delusional on two points.  First, that the voters will fix this come the next election.  That’s a negative.  Until the election system is de-rigged we will continue to get the selected “representatives” the Dems choose for us.  Second, he thinks this is about prosecutors not doing the job we ostensibly hired them for.  That, too, is a negative.  These people were carefully vetted and chosen for the positions they hold and are doing the job they were actually hired to do.  Law and order are not part of that job.  Public safety is not part of that job.

No, this is NOT an unfortunate and unforeseen consequence of well meaning but incompetent people and unworkable principles.

This is a well organized, well funded and well thought out terror campaign.  Its purpose is to drive an already demoralized population under a destabilized government into an existential crisis that can only be solved, so we will be told, by the imposition of a totalitarian collectivist government.  “Things have gotten out of control, we need a strong hand to set things to right!”  And you can bet your sweet bippy that they’ve got just the man/woman/beast waiting in the wings, to be revealed at the right moment, to whom a grateful nation can turn for national salvation.  No, its not Felonia “the Hilldebeast” Clinton.

These Socialist morons have been at once trying to provoke Americans to violence and terrified that we will violently revolt against them.  Witness the fences in DC following the January 6 “insurrection”, the quartering of troops in the city, the constant talk of their fear for their lives.  At the same time they need a violent counter revolution to have a pretext to unleash military violence against us.  Don’t for a moment think that if that moment should come that American troops will hesitate to fire on Americans, most will, albeit reluctantly.  There is a reason that UN troops are stationed in Salt Lake City, Norfolk, and probably elsewhere.  There is a reason that there are so many Chinese troops in Canada.

Despite their best efforts the violent counter revolution has not materialized.  Now the play seems to be to create such wild and chaotic criminal activity that Americans will think themselves justified to take the law into their own well armed hands.  If every crime becomes a capital crime because desperate citizens are defending their lives, families and property with arms, then again the Marxist wannabe tyrants will have the necessary pretext to let slip all restraint and go kinetic.  Best this never happens.

Some see this as the only alternative; it is not.  Once a critical mass of citizens repudiate the Revolutionary Junta and their running dogs and begin refusing to comply with the insanity, these bastards are done.  The only legitimacy this or any other government has is granted by We the People.  Once the We the People refuse consent they are done.  That is why the “Let’s go Brandon” chant is so terrifying to them.  This is why the Puppet Regime has to consult with their media mouthpieces to tell ever more transparent lies.  This is why the continually double down on the ridiculous mandates.  And everybody knows it.  Toto has pulled back the curtain and the little man is exposed.

Now our job is to continue to peacefully resist, to expose, to mock and ridicule these pathetic excuses for human beings.  They are nearing the point of collapse, and they know it.  Everything they do shows how weak and powerless they really are.  “In war,” Napoleon famously said, “the spiritual is to the material as three is to one.”  We are closer to victory than we think.



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