Cover your eyes, children – a peek behind the right’s political curtain

In most cases politicians are actors playing a role that they think the public wants to see.  I have heard politics described as show business for unattractive people.  Unlike actors who openly play a part on stage and go on to be their normal selves once the production is over, politicians are always on stage when in public, playing for the next reelection.  Just as an actor lives for the fame and adulation of the crowd so a politician lives for power and prestige, and a  nice, fat paycheck.  It is that latter that the parties are focused on, they advance candidates that will maximize their access to the taxpayer trough.

Politics is quite the lovely apple cart, and politicians don’t want anybody upsetting it, especially not grubby, clueless constituents.  Both parties rally around that apple cart and defend it with their lives.  This is why even those who are ostensibly conservative Republicans will do everything possible to cut the legs out from under true believers in the Constitution and the values they publicly support but privately mock, dangerous, as idealistic naifs which must be gotten out of the way as soon as possible.

There is a shift in the wind happening in our country, which your Irascible Correspondent supports and endeavors to advance.  That is blowing the cover off these leeches on the body politic.  We the People are getting a good look at the corruption behind the posturing and the prattle and are not liking what we see at all.  We the People are dispelling our illusions and beginning – just beginning – to realize what has been done in our name, and setting about rectifying it.  We the People are beginning to realize that these politicians are not our leaders but our representatives empowered by us to do our will, that We the People are the leaders and they are – or ought to be – our servants.

Things are changing.  Last Tuesday 15 candidates supported by President Trump’s MAGA agenda swept the primaries in their respective jurisdictions.  This weekend parents in Texas, activated when the curtain was pulled back from demonic agenda of their children’s schools, activated and swept 10 of 11 school board elections.  The Donks and the RINOs are in a panic because they can see that We the People are coming with the fire of righteous judgement in our eyes and will hold them accountable.  They will fight hard, and dirty, but they will lose.  Exposing the truth about these people, however unpalatable, is an act of patriotism precisely because it is necessary to give purpose and direction to Americans’ outrage, outrage which fuels action.

Wise up, get mad and get busy.

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