CONFIRMED: Chinese Communist Newspaper Endorses Joe Biden – “Joe Biden Is Smoother to Deal with than Donald Trump” presents us with the unsurprising news that the Communist Chinese dictatorship would rather work with Joe Biden than with President Trump.  Joe Biden, by his own admission, is quite the corrupt, self serving politician.  Is it any wonder that the corrupt Communist regime in Beijing is more comfortable with Creepy Joe than with President Trump who consistently puts the welfare of the United States ahead of his own pocketbook?

On Thursday (China time), on the same day as Joe Biden’s much anticipated Democrat Party convention speech, the Chinese Communist newspaper endorsed Joe Biden for President of the United States.

The Global Times says Joe Biden may reactivate the job-killing TPP and the Iran nuclear deals pushed by the Obama administration.

China is rooting for a weak America. Trump is rooting for a strong America.

This was quite an endorsement.

There you have it:  The People’s Republic of China has endorsed Joe Biden.

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