Coming home to the new USA – UN and NATO taking up residence

I’m telling you, the old neighborhood is going downhill when a Untied Nations compound moves in next door.  This conversation took place in Salt Lake City, Utah, it was uploaded to Youtube on 9/22/2019.   

Here is another view of the same conversation.  I believe it took place in the Salt Palace, an large convention center in Salt Lake City.

This is not the only place converted into a UN compound.  I heard a verbal report from a road crew member saying that he recently witnessed (at least one) convoy heading North on I 25 towards Colorado.  It included a lot of heavy equipment such as bulldozers, concrete barriers and UN vehicles.  Where I don’t know, but they are on the way.

Then there is this: the Norfolk, Virginia Naval Station was turned over to NATO.

The Pentagon just handed over the world’s largest naval base to NATO.

That news should frighten any American.

The world’s largest military alliance will now be operating on American soil.

U.S. military officers are drumming up fear against potential attacks from China or Russia from the Atlantic.

And brainwashed Americans will think this multi-national military is going to keep them safe from foreign invaders.

But with NATO forces already on our shores, our government has handed over our security to foreign powers.

It reeks of one-world government gripping the United States deeper into its clutches.

And Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley presiding over NATO’s new American headquarters doesn’t calm my suspicions.

His ridiculous pandering to Critical Race Theory and comments about a Trump coup should make Americans worry about its politicized military leadership.

I doubt that the entire base has been given over to NATO, it is far too important to the Navy.  However, it looks like the plan to move the USA from being a sovereign independent state to being just another administrative unit in a one world government is well advanced.  I don’t believe that this will sit well with the American public.

But why have the UN move personnel, we don’t know at this point how many, into a convention center in the middle of Utah or setting up a base in Colorado?  UN act mostly as peace keeping forces, and extremely ineffectively at that.  So what peace will need keeping in the US?

I note that Democrat rhetoric has recently been escalating against Trump voters.  They have called President Trump every name in the book and that failed to separate him from his base.  Now the base is being demonized, in all probability as a prelude to attacking them directly.  Then there’s the January 6 “Insurrection” investigation, which is also a prelude to tarring Trump supporters with the same lying slime they’ve been slinging at President Trump for five years now.  Little or no evidence will be produced, the 14,000 hours of surveillance video will remain classified but the dog and pony show with its waves of horrified outrage and attendant waterworks will grind on to its inevitable conclusion: GUILTY!  “Evidence!?  We don’t need no stinking evidence!”

It is characteristic of totalitarian dictatorships that their primary preoccupation is not the welfare of their people or defense against foreign enemies, but an overriding obsession with domestic traitors and counter-revolutionaries.  So too with the Revolutionary Junat in DC.  They are terrified, not just of losing power, but of having power stripped from them by violent, extra-legal means.  Witness the 12 foot fence around DC that was only taken down this month (July ’21).  Witness 5,000 Michigan National Guard troops kept hanging about for months (in abysmal conditions).

Ironically, they have been trying to provoke us to some intemperate action so they can have an excuse to cry “The Republicans are revolting!  We must call the UN to help us suppress the revolution!”  That, I believe, is what the murder of Ashli Babbitt, among many other provocative acts, was about, they were hoping that her murder would drive the crowd wild with revenge lust.  They had the “Insurrection!” narrative ready to go, and have been trotting it out every day since.  To date nobody on the Right has taken the bait.

Meanwhile the Puppet Junta continues to lose ground.  The Puppet in Chief recently went to Pennsylvania and was met by a few Biden supporters who were surrounded by thousands of unmasked Trump supporters demonstrating their anger and disgust.  This is a huge problem for the Pupped Dictatorship, and it is a problem that is only getting worse.  Soon they will have to do something about it, probably they’ll stage another false flag event to try and generate some legitimacy for the crackdown they’ve been itching for.

Once the kinetic action (which they kicked off by staging the Jan. 6 riots and shooting Ashli Babbitt) escalates to widespread ballistic levels there aren’t going to be enough UN peacekeepers in world to save the Puppet Revolution, or the Puppeteers behind them.  We win, they lose.  Get used to it.

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