China as US enemy #1 is on the ropes and will collapse within 30 years

Lawrence Person’s BattleSwarm Blog Presents a couple of videos of Peter Zeihan explaining why China is in far worse shape than we are.

Chinese propaganda consistently presents China as the best place in the world and consistently denigrates the United States.  Having spoken to young Chinese people who have had the good fortune to come to the US, the consensus seems to be that they are well aware that Chinese propaganda lies.  And it is not just them, everybody in China knows China sucks.  Publicly they will denounce the the United States but will be on a fight out of China in a heartbeat given the chance.

Chinese culture glorifies displays of wealth, so everybody wants to be seen as better off than they actually are.  I have met any number of young Chinese who drive late model luxury cars, dress in fancy brand name clothes, but actually rent a part of a sleazy house where four bedrooms have been subdivided into eight or ten.

Normal working hours in China are 12 hours a day six days a week.  Recently the government has reduced that to eight hours a day five days a week so young people can meet, marry and procreate.  But young Chinese have for the most part declined the opportunity turn out more Chinese.  Most people of childbearing years are the product of the One Child policy and are accustomed to being the center of their world; it seems they just don’t want to be displaced from their throne by the inconvenience of children of their own.  Tragically, much like much of our own urban youth.

China’s mal-investment in real estate has come back to bite them.  A large part of their economic boom was fueled by real estate.  Billions were spent in building ghost cities “for investment” where nobody wanted to live and no real gains resulted.  Plus given Chinese indifference to quality of construction many buildings have inherent faults cannot be remedied without basically rebuilding the entire structure.

All this might be good news in the long run, but it gets dicey in in the short term.  China is a cornered rat, which cornering they have done themselves.  Like the Let’s Go Brandon administration, China will not hesitate to use all kinds of distractions including internal war (eg. Covid in Shanghai and terrorist Moms in the US) and external war (Taiwan for China and Ukraine for the US).  Things are getting dangerous, and that is a good sign.

Stay away from crowds, stock up on food and ammo, keep your wits about you.

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