Child sex trafficking, extortion and government

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Every year over 400,000 children go missing in the United States.   This is not a new problem as attested to by the old Missing Kids on milk cartons campaign we used to see everywhere.  Despite being everywhere the program proved to be singularly ineffective.  One girl recognized her own face on a milk carton and alerted a neighbor who called law enforcement.  That was the only child found, and it was she that found herself and took action.

Even though modern technology such as Amber Alerts has replaced milk cartons (click on the milk carton image for a short video), efforts to find missing kids and return them to their families has not been very successful.  A sad side effect of this has been to distance the problem from public awareness.  Everybody knows kids go missing, but people don’t think much about it.  Brought to their attention, most folks just “tsk, tsk” and move on.

And why not?  It is not an immediate personal problem, the police are on the job, and everybody’s got a busy life to live.  Besides, what an any individual citizen do beyond launching the occasional prayer?  Given all that, why even bring it up?

Two reasons why this should be discussed at this time.  First, it remains a persistent problem that is getting worse; more on that another time.  Second, some very unsavory facts are being discovered, the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop being only the tip of a massive iceberg.  There are people of both parties and both sexes involved, often at very high levels.  As citizens whose responsibility it is to oversee and manage our government and their activities all of us have a responsibility to know, no matter how revolting it is – and it really, really is – and to hold our appointed as well elected officials accountable.  We can’t do that if we sweep it under the rug again.  No more denial, our nation cannot turn a blind eye and expect to survive, let alone hold our heads up as a moral and honorable people.

This is not the first time your Irascible Correspondent has discussed these things, see here and here.  Frankly, I hate it, it turns my stomach to have know about these things, and revolts me to have to view it in order to publish the facts.  I confess that I have been reticent because I fear that I will lose you, my readers.

Yet I am compelled to expose the truth, and prepare my fellow citizens’ minds to understand and process what is being exposed.  Do not be afraid.  The Good Book tells us that the truth will make us free, Bill’s friends assures us that it will indeed make us free, but will make us miserable first.

Get through it.  Get over it.  Get on with it.  We have a Republic to save.

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