Chicago Community Members Ask Protesters To Leave Police Station

The Daily Caller has the story: (language warning!)

Community members in Chicago asked protesters to leave the 7th district police station Tuesday, telling them that they didn’t show concern about the community unless it had to do with the police.

“I ain’t see none of you motherf*ckers when them kids got killed,” one man told the protesters, a video posted by Sun Times journalist Tyler LaRiviere showed. “Y’all don’t come out when the kids get shot. Y’all come out when it got something to do with the fucking police.”


“We’re out here every day watching our kids get their brains blew out with no f-cking funding, no resources, but you motherf-ckers getting all the resources and yall wanna come over here and disrupt our motherf-cking neighborhood.”

Some protesters left, but others continued to arrive, LaRiviere reported.

As tensions between community members and protesters escalated, some protesters attempted to block media from recording the altercations.

Sunday was the worst night of unrest in Chicago since May. Demonstrations began after a man was injured during a shootout with police.  Officers responded to a call of a man with a gun Sunday afternoon, and when they arrived, the suspect fled on foot before turning around and shooting at them, according to Deputy Chief Yolanda Talley. The officers returned fire, injuring the suspect. No body camera footage of the incident was found, the Chicago Tribune reported.

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