CDC authorizes (mandates) Pfizer’s Covid shot for kids for a big bottom line KACHING!

From Karl Denninger’s non-public Market Ticker – Cancelled blog:

The CDC’s “advisory” panel has effectively mandated Covid jabs for school children in many states.

I say “effectively” because they claim they have done no such thing; their role is “advisory.”

But — its not.  Several states actually turn that “advice” into law, and yet The Coof is unique in this regard.

The problem with all of this, at its core, is that the CDC doesn’t give a crap about whether kids are at serious risk from this disease (healthy children are not; it is less of a risk than the flu and there is no mandate to take a flu shot for schooland unlike the flu shot these jabs all have a litany of significant and very serious potential adverse effects including myocarditis and other serious cardiopulmonary harm.

But leave that aside for a minute because when it comes to all the other diseases you might get inoculated against as a kid all have a legitimate medical exemption which is simply this: You previously had the disease in question and thus are presumptively immune.

All of them.

Except this one never mind that the data is no different here than with other viral diseases: Previous infection confers durable protection and the vast majority of kids, roughly nine in ten, have had it as evidenced by antibodies to the virus (the same evidence that is deemed perfectly-acceptable when it comes to, for example, measles or chicken pox.)

I remind you that the latest “updated” shot was tested on….. eight mice.  Not one human.  There is exactly zero evidence that it either works or is safe in human beings.  Yes, they’re mice engineered to be “human like” but they’re not human beings and you have to be a special brand of crazy to take anything that has as its “test base” only eight mice — and zero humans.

Incidentally if you believe said “mouse testing” is valid then you must square that with two indisputable facts: First, that the “super virus” that was just created in Boston (arguably illegally by the way) is representative — it killed 80% of the mice that it was given to — and so was the wild original strain that killed all of them.  We know, of course, the latter is not true as virtually every healthy human was just fine when they got the original strain; they got it, they fought it off and survived.  Therefore we know this “mouse model” is nonsense and thus you simply can’t believe what it “tells” you (unless you’d like to take the risk of being dead, of course.)

The reason the CDC’s panel did this is nakedly obvious: Only by putting the jab into the childhood schedule do the makers get legal immunity from lawsuits if it kills or injures your child — or your Grandma — once the EUA authorizations expire and they will expire whenever the Covid “emergency” expires.  That’s the law — for a “vaccine” to be included in the NCJIA legal immunity it must be in the childhood recommended series.  If it isn’t then it’s not covered and all that is left is The PREP Act’s coverage which expires with the relevant EUA.

The CDC’s vote was a clear statement that whether the “new” jab works is immaterial; that the old ones are targeting a virus that no longer circulates in the wild is also, incidentally, fact.

Whether the old (or new) jab is safe is also, by this vote, immaterial.

The only thing that is material is…… MONEY — specifically, legal immunity from lawsuit if your kid or grandmother dies or is seriously injured as a result of receiving it.

This all ties back to what I pointed out on the “regular” side of the Ticker a few days ago related to where the Federal Budget problem is, and why nobody will address it — not federally nor at the state level.  It’s not that they are trying to kill you — it’s that all they care about is the money and yes, that includes not giving a crap if you die as a consequence of what they do and protect, so long as the money flows.

Oh, say, did you notice that Pfizer raised the cost of their Covid clot shot by 25% in Europe?  And Moderna by 10%?  Do you doubt for a moment that they will do so here as well?

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