The CCP connection to U.S. voting systems

The Gateway Pundit has the story:

Earlier this week, we reported about a significant arrest that took place in LA County, CA, related to the 2020 elections.

[Correction: the arrest took place in Michigan, not Los Angeles, personnel from the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office traveled to Michigan to assist in the arrest.  Yes, the L.A. D.A. is a Soros plant, but even such creatures cannot ignore blockbuster news.  This is why it so important to get these stories out all over the place; they can’t hide if everybody knows.]

En September 8, reporters from 100 Percent Fed Up and The Gateway Pundit attended “The Pit,” where True the Votes’ Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips dropped a bombshell about the arrest of Eugene Yu, CEO of Konnech, an E. Lansing, MI-based company responsible for the software used in managing elections in several states that stored personal information of over 1 million Americans in its database.
100 Percent Fed Up reports – Konnech, much like Dominion, almost immediately sued True the Vote as a way to silence them and keep them from speaking out about the bombshell information they provided to reporters at The Pit related to Konnech and the unlawful transfer of information from America to China.

Gregg Phillips and Catherine Engelbrecht

Kanekoa The Great, a spectacular investigative journalist and blogger, reported about the findings of The Pit on September 8, 2022- In January 2021, Phillips said that the cyber analyst he had been working with encountered an “oddity in some of the URLs” such as,, and, which Konnech’s “PollChief” software application used to gather personally-identifying information about poll workers.

Konnech CEO Eugene Yu

Using Binary Edge, a software product companies use to identify and assess the risk of cyber breaches, “We began to look at where these URLs actually resolve to. We found that most of them resolve to one IP address and that IP address — the URL resolved in China,” Phillips said.

“What we also learned in our review, [.net], resolved into this same URL in China, meaning that the application itself was residing in China,” he continued.

“In Binary Edge, you can figure out what type of database they are using, their database port, and all the different services offered by ports in this particular application living in China. It turned out that not only did it live there, but they left the database open.”

This database “stored the personally identifying information of over a million Americans,” he emphasized.

Engelbrecht and Phillips decided that “this was a major national security risk” and immediately took the information to the FBI.

In 2005, Eugene Yu, the Founder of Konnech Inc., whose Chinese name is Jianwei Yu, founded a Chinese election company named Jinhua Yulian Network Technology Co. in Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province, China. On February 25, 2006, Yu registered the website “” for his Chinese election company to his American election company’s email address “” In a 2013 archived version of the website, Yu praised “Comrade Jiang Zemin” and the “Chinese Communist Party” before listing “Election Management Solutions, Detroit” and “US Overseas Voters” as his “Success Stories.” Source:

According to True the Vote investigator Gregg Phillips, the FBI had already been investigating Konnech.

[Evidently Phillips and Englebrecht had not gotten the memo that the FBI had been corrupted and was now acting more as an agent of the Deep State than as a law enforcement agency.]

“These were legitimate people who believed that this software posed a national security risk to the United States of America, and they were working with us closely to try to stop this from being in place during the midterms,” Phillips said.

“The focus point was always we needed to remove this software from the election, but taking a step further, there were a lot of other concerns that the bureau had.”

“In fact, the president of this company sits on the board of another election company that is one of the founding members of DHS’s election security task force. So you want to talk about the fox in the hen house? It’s all right there,” Engelbrecht noted about Konnech CEO Eugene Yu’s membership on Votem Corp.’s Board of Advisors.

Furthermore, Phillips added, “The same individual who programmed this election mess, PollChief, was also the lead programmer for the Confucius Institute internal comms [communication] mechanism.”

“Meaning how they exchange data between here and China; this same person built the entire app that runs all of these elections across the United States. This is a red Chinese communist op run against the United States by Chinese operatives, and it’s a disaster.”

The FBI agents indicated that Konnech had already “been on their radar” and that there were “lots of other problems” with the U.S. election company, including “banking issues” and problems involving the company’s overseas operations in “Australia” and “Canada.”

The media brutalized Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips for making accusations against Konnech. Konnech almost immediately sued them for reporting the truth about what they found.
On Tuesday,  the LA County District Attorney’s office announced that Eugene Yu was arrested and taken into custody for suspected theft of information on voters stored on servers in Communist China.

By all means read the rest over at The Gateway Pundit.  Your Irascible Correspondent would like to underline some of the implications of this CCP scheme.  It should be pointed out that all Chinese companies operating overseas are property of the Chinese Communist Party – no exceptions.  This means that the CCP is deeply intertwined in our election process.  These people not only have an open window into our elections, but are manipulating the process.

First, a great deal of personal information was requested to complete the registration of an election worker in the system, including the names and contact information of past and current employers (typically election work is seasonal for most election workers) as well as the name, addresses and contact information for the workers’ spouses and children.  This opens these people to blackmail and intimidation, about which is standard operating procedure for both the CCP and corrupt Party machines.  It potentially (and you can bet, actually,) undermines the integrity of the entire election process.

Second, this network of software companies and products included a payroll function.  This means that potentially the CCP can pay off people with whom they have an “understanding” that goes beyond the legitimate bounds of the work.

Finally, this revelation completes the circle of CCP involvement in American elections.  On August 31 this year we published an article laying out the corruption in Los Angeles County elections.

Here is what’s concerning about PollChief. There was a presentation done in Leon County, Florida in which the “Presenter,” who was trying to get the county to use PollChief, described PollChief’s access to the machines. The presentation appears to have been taken offline but the screenshots still exist:

“The voting machine testing operation is integrated into PollChief to store testing histories, precinct, assignments, and seal data.”

If PollChief has access to the machines testing operation, they have access to the machines themselves, and if PollChief has access to the machines themselves, then the CCP has access to the machines themselves. We know this because Konnech Inc. is on China’s Unicom:

*Screenshots are from the documents provided by True the Vote – The IP address is indeed found in Wuhan China and on the Unicom backbone*


That is the story of the “Tiger Project” we were told at the PIT – a company intimately involved in our elections has a server in Wuhan, China that is connected to China’s Unicom. True the Vote was able to see over 1.8 million names of United States Poll Workers and their Children on that server. I’m not a techy guy, but this is one of the 100s of connections alluding to Konnech Inc. being connected to China.

For more great articles on Konnech’s connections to China, I urge you to read a few articles from Kanekoa the great:

The fact that Konnech Inc. has so many connections to China is concerning in and of itself, but to really understand the problem here, we need to understand more about China Unicom.

Clearly American election officials have knowingly been cooperating with the CCP to influence U.S. elections, and have been doing so for years.  Hopefully there is now enough evidence of this collusion to force it into the courts where the whole criminal conspiracy can be charged under RICO (at least), evidence can be presented and ajudicated.  We must have honest, transparent and accurate elections.  Exposing these Marxist Mafiosi is an important step in achieving that goal.

Already counties across the nation are dumping this tainted election software.

In other good news: Alaska Borough bans voting machines for all future elections.  Machines will still be used for the 2022 midterms as trashing them would excessively disrupt the election.  However, the ballots will be hand counted in the precincts.  This is what should happen everywhere all the time.  I’ll be interested to see how well the hand count matches the machine count.


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