California Republican Assembly May newsletter

May 2021 – Newsletter

Message from CRA President – May 2021

My fellow CRA members, this is an important year for California and the California Republican Assembly. First, we must recall Governor Newsom and replace him with a Republican governor. Second, we must continue our efforts to rebuild and expand CRA across the state to provide a means for conservatives to advance conservative principles and policies at all levels of government.


OPPOSE AB 1223 – Gun & Ammunition Tax

Marc Levine’s bill, AB 1223, will impose excise  taxes on Californians for firearm and ammunition  purchases, similar to the federal Pittman-Robertson Act, which already taxes ammunition sales at over 10%.

Levine wants you to believe that he’s doing this for the public good, but of course the real reason for making it unaffordable for purchasing ammunition is that he wants to prevent you from bearing arms by pricing everyone but the state’s wealthiest residents out of their Second Amendment rights.



Tom Del Beccaro: California’s Gavin Newsom recall — why the country needs to get behind it

The recall of California Gov. Gavin Newsom is headed to the ballot box this fall. While at first blush that may not seem like it matters if you live outside of California, the plain truth is that the Golden State’s far-left policies are damaging the entire nation and you have to pay for a good chunk of them.READ MORE

AB 1316 Aims to Destroy Charter Schools

Back in 2019, facing a barrage of legislation that threatened to destroy their institutions, advocates for charter schools reached a “compromise” agreement with lawmakers.  READ MORE

California ethnic studies program criticized as ‘hate for America’ by opponents, praised by supporters

A California school district is offering a new ethnic studies elective, and opponents of the coursework are criticizing the program as promoting “hate for America” in a letter to community members.



Gavin Newsom’s Idiotic Case Against the Recall: It Costs Too Much!

“Now is not the time,” a smirking California Gov. Gavin Newsom said at a campaign press conference with firefighter unions Tuesday, “to waste hundreds of millions of dollars on a recall effort that is nothing more than a partisan power grab.”READ MORE

California’s Gubernatorial Candidates Need To Show True Grit

California’s insurgent candidates could make reducing regulations the focal point of their social media posts and public statements, if they had the courage.READ MORE

How Apportionment Defrauds American Citizens

The news that six states will gain seats in the House of Representatives and another seven will lose seats, thanks to new census numbers, was widely reported.


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