Bringing America to her knees, handing Americans bound to our foes – I don’t think so!

We all know that America is in deep trouble.  We may be facing the end our nation.  We see corrupt politicians managing elections to obtain a predetermined outcome and we do nothing but silently seethe.  We see corrupt judges dismissing just suits and handing down unjust decisions.  We see our organs of public information blatantly lying to our faces.  We see government officials, elected and appointed, brazenly disregarding the law and traducing the public they are sworn to serve.  We see armies of foreign invaders swarming across our borders and sustained by our tax dollars.  We see our elementary schools turned into indoctrination factories, teaching our young to hate who they are and the nation they will inherit.  We see our institutions of higher learning turning your young adults into radical Woke Neo Marxist activists.  We see all our institutions, public and private, secular and religious hollowed out and weaponized against us.  We see those who object vilified as domestic terrorists, assaulted by the Law, attacked at home, at work and on the public streets.  We see our most fundamental rights incrementally undermined and those who legitimately exercise them arrested and imprisoned.

Many of these events have been reported and commented on in these pages.

We see all of this, and for the most part, do nothing about it.  Why is that?  What is going on here, and what must be done about it if we are to survive?

I don’t say, “If America is to survive,” because if America falls it will be the death and immisration of millions of Americans, including you and I, and of millions more throughout the world.  The result will be democide through war, famine and pestilence.  Many of us have seen these things on TV, or perhaps read about them, secure, we thought, in the knowledge that “it can’t happen here.”  NEWS FLASH!  The conditions for it to happen here have been deliberately created and have begun to bear wicked fruit here.  It IS happening here.  It is happening NOW.

Just because it is in the beginning phases and we only get vague, anecdotal reports in other parts of the country, the State, the county, the city the neighborhood and it hasn’t happened to us, to you yet, none of that means we are safe.  We will still assume that things are fundamentally OK and that the authorities will work it all out in the end.  This is called Normalcy Bias.  It as Normalcy Bias which allowed millions of people to loaded into boxcars in a peaceful, orderly way by the National Socialist German Workers Party.  You know them, the Nazis.  You also know the result.  Still we, that is you and a lot of people you know, worry and dither and hope and pray that somehow the catastrophe we all see coming will pass by.

For a time, maybe.  But these enemies of our Nation, our Culture and our People are fanatical and thorough, history has proved it so.  They will get around to you, never fear.  Being inconspicuous won’t help.  Protestations of innocence won’t help.  Bribes might help for a while, till you run out the wherewithal to offer bribes.  Having abetted the progress of evil by silence the only salvation will be to join the pack and howl for the blood of others.  Which is a grim, temporary salvation through damnation.  Many will choose that path.

Let’s talk about the monkey trap.  The easiest way to trap a monkey is offer a bit of tasty bait inside a hole that is just big enough for him to slip his paw in and grab the bait.  Once he has be bait you can tie a rope around his neck and drag him wherever you want.  The reason this works is because once the monkey has the bait in his fist he cant get his hand out of the hole, its too small for fist and bait.  All he has to do is let go of whatever the bait is and he’s free.  But he just won’t let go of the bait, so he’s caught.

We humans are a lot like monkeys.  We have all kinds of stuff we just won’t let go of, our income, property, bank accounts, investments, what have you.  Realizing that one tool in the usurper’s bag of tricks is the threat of taking all that stuff from us, so we comply and are trapped.  Our Founding Fathers mutually pledged their lives, fortunes and sacred honor.  Some lost their lives, all lost their fortunes, none lost their sacred honor.  They lived, and often died, with heads held high.  They died as free men and so bequeathed freedom to their posterity – a Republic, if we can keep it.

Your Irascible Correspondent is a man of modest means, even so I confess that I am loath to abandon my worldly goods to maintain my freedom.  I should not have to, neither should you.  To this point we have not been called on to make that stark choice, but it is coming.  Unless we make it stop.

Alexander Hamilton, in Federalist Paper #28 – On the Power of the People to Keep Government in Check, said this:  “If the representatives of the people betray their constituents, there is then no resource left but in the exertion of that original right of self-defense which is paramount to all positive forms of government… The citizens must rush tumultuously to arms, without concert, without system, without resource; except in their courage and despair. The usurpers, clothed with the forms of legal authority, can too often crush the opposition in embryo.”

Our Founders were men of great prescience.  We did not “rush tumultuously to arms” in November of 2020, though you will recall that the plotters were terrified that we would do so.  We have given them two years in which to consolidate their power and a second election, in 2022, clearly managed to a predetermined outcome.  It is good that we did not rush to arms, as most of the country at that time was blind to what has been happening to us for the last 80 years.  Events have opened a lot of eyes since then, and more are becoming aware every day.

Of course the Revolutionary Junta is still trying to pull the wool over our eyes, blasting out propaganda as loud as they can, to no avail.  They tried to slam a Cone of Silence over the whole world, but it is full of cracks and simply cannot conceal what our lying eyes are telling us.  To switch metaphors, Sarah Hoyt makes this analogy: they thought that by disabling the fire alarm they would be safe from fire.

This brings me to the action plan.  Basically it is this: don’t shut up.  Shut Up is the Junta’s watch word.

In his book The ‘Psychology of Totalitarianism’ Mattias Desmet proposes that the only escape from totalitarianism is by quietly, insistently repeating the truth.  By doing so we affirm our own identity, our own self respect and our own courage.  Speaking out is the one thing the Let’s Go Brandon cabalists fear more than anything else.  That is why they try so hard to curb free speech; there is a very good reason why free speech is enshrined in the 1st Amendment.  It is not necessary to be able to reel off facts, figures and elegant arguments, nor is it necessary to be confrontational as was Andrew Breitbart of blessed memory who would confront leftist protesters and ask them questions they did not want to answer.  Sometimes it can be as simple as challenging some absurdity with, “Oh, come on!  You don’t really believe that, do you?”

The old bromide, ‘never talk about religion or politics’ is absurd on its face.  Politics is how we order our happiness in this life, religion is how we order our happiness in the next.  There is nothing more important than these two things and we are expected to be silent about them in favor of a false and shallow irenicism tantamount of tacit agreement?  I don’t think so!  It is sufficient to make your point, it is not necessary to get into an argument – unless you really want to.

The American Revolution was a revolution of ideas shared among the people and carried into action.  Now it is our turn to promote and defend those same ideas in legal, ethical and non violent ways.  To help you with that here are a couple of stocking stuffer ideas to keep you and yours reminded of who you are – an American! – who will not passively submit to tyranny and are committed to fixing the mess we are in.


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