BLEXIT – We the Free


Justice Clarence Thomas is the number one man to hate online.

Not because he voted to overturn Roe V. Wade… Not because he’s a believer in the Constitution… The real reason is that he’s a Black man who is NOT a victim, loves America, and refuses the media’s narrative.

The media, Black Lives Matter (BLM), and victimhood culture have launched an outright racist attack against this heroic man.

Some radicals (and even celebrities like Samuel L. Jackson) are calling him an “Uncle Tom” or “House n—” (I won’t dignify these people by writing their full comments).

The media and BLM are revealing their hand on how they wish to keep Black people under their thumb and in line with their narrative.

They will attack any successful Black person who falls out of lockstep with them, as they showed with Justice Thomas.

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