Biden signed executive order MANDATING Federal agencies engage in getting out the vote, contrary to the Hatch Act

This is a plan the Democrats can really get behind.  Empower Federal employees to get out the vote, previously forbidden by the Hatch Act.  Sweeten the deal with promises of raises, bonuses and promotions.  Get to work on a captive audience who depend on the Federal government for some or all of their subsistence.  Incentivize these people with hints of taxpayer funded added benefits or the loss thereof (no pressure).  Call it the Federal Voting Assistance Program.  Genius!

Evidently Executive Order 14019 was signed in March of 2021 and was originally secret.  But somehow somebody got wind of it and submitted a FOIA request.   After much heel dragging the administration said that, OK, you got us, we’ll release it on October 25, 2022.  But in order to be effective it had to be disseminated to the Deep State foot soldiers, so it leaked.  At that point there was no more point to keeping it secret, so Executive Order 14019 is available at the link above.

It has been translated into a nice handout which you can get at this link here.

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