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The Glendale, Burbank, Crescenta Valley, Sunland and Tujunga Republican Assembly wholeheartedly endorses G. Rick Marshall for Chairman of the Republican Party of Los Angeles.  Your Irascible Correspondent personally knows, admires and respects Rick Marshall and is pleased to all in my power to advance his candidacy.  It is time and long past time to srest control control of the Republican Party of Los Angeles from the ossified, incompetent placeholders currently in charge and return it to the Republican base.

The Marshall Plan for LAGOP — Do More in ‘24

Hello Patriot,

I’m Rick Marshall. I’m running to be the next Chairman of the LAGOP, the Republican Party of Los Angeles County at our Organizational Meeting on December 10th.

For those who don’t know me, I tend to be opinionated.  And in my opinion the LAGOP needs to change or our Republican candidates will continue to lose. Exhibit A is this past election. We lost another of the few remaining Republican legislative seats in Los Angeles County (AD40).

Who’s next?

There is only one elected Republican whose entire district is in Los Angeles County (CD27). For each of the other elected Republicans , it’s the part of their district in another county that puts them over the top (AD34, SD21, SD23, SD34 and CD45). They do not win the Los Angeles County portion of their district. This past election there were five offices where no one filed (AD51, AD57, AD62, AD69, SD33).

If we’re going to turn around Los Angeles County and elect Republicans, our candidates must have MORE HELP than they are currently getting from the LAGOP.

We need to return to doing what we used to do like having an AD Precinct Chair in every Assembly District. Back then, the County Party not only ran campaign schools for our candidates, we actually walked precincts, handed out campaign literature, and got out the vote. Free door hangers were provided to Assembly District committees listing their local Republican candidates for the election GOTV effort. We also need to bring back the dormant United Republican Finance Committee (URFC).  That’s part of the reason the LAGOP is $15,000 in debt and only has $800 in the bank (at last report).

We should do all these things and MORE, especially in ’24.

There are new things we haven’t done before that if elected, and with your help, you and I will begin doing immediately. For example, there are former Republicans on the voter rolls, who quit the party and became independent as No Party Preference (NPP). We need to communicate with them, find out why they re-registered and address their issues to get them back. We must have a Computer/Data Committee to slice and dice the rolls so we know who to contact.

The future of the LAGOP is with the diverse and burgeoning population of Los Angeles County.  Overwhelmingly, Latino (the fastest growing population), Asian (the greatest ethnic swing vote), and Blacks (a constituency the Democrats cannot afford to lose) voted in greater numbers for Donald Trump than any other Republican in years, despite all the racist epitaphs hurled at him. We must communicate with these voters directly as the “Grand Opportunity Party” (GOP) for the middle class of Los Angeles County. This we must do this MORE and on a regular basis, year around and not just at election time.

We also need to give voters MORE reasons to vote for Republican candidates.

We have no Public Relations Committee or Press Secretary to issue a constant and consistant Republican message about current events. If elected, I will launch an unprecedented communication program for the LAGOP.  Radio, TV, print, social media, email, billboards and more. We start with earned media. Then imagine a billboard (or several) along each of our 18 freeways that says  Q: “How many Democrats does it take to fix a problem” A: “No one knows. It has never happened”. “Vote Republican for a Change”.

That will take MORE fundraising. I don’t know what the budget of the LAGOP is since its now adopted by the seven (7) officers of the Executive Board. Until recently, it was adopted by the now abolished Executive Committee which included every Assembly District Chairman. There was transparency then and a shared effort at fundraising. There is none now. Whatever the budget is, it is not working. I’ll rebuild the URFC and create a budget that will do the things I’ve outlined. It will be approved by the re-established Executive Committee and available to all members. We will work together to promulgate the Republican message of hope, growth and opportunity that is the promise of America to MORE voters.

Endorsements: The California Republican Assembly. Former Los Angeles County Supervisor Mike Antonovich and former State Attorney General Candidate Eric Early have all endorsed my candidacy for Chairman of the LAGOP. There are MORE.

If you agree that change is needed, I ask for your vote for Chairman of the LAGOP, the Republican Party of Los Angeles County on December 10.

We can do MORE.

Thank you for your consideration.

Rick Marshall, ex-officio

To contact Rick comment on this post with your contact information. Your contact information will not be visible to the public, only the name you give. Your Irascible Correspondent controls this website and will pass your comments along to him with your contact info should you will to communicate with him.

This is all coming as grass roots Republicans grow increasingly disgusted with the dismal performance of the GOP in recent years.  Harmeet Dhillon is lining up to take the GOP charimanship away from the lackluster Ronna McDaniel and Rep. Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.) has announced he will run against current minority leader Kevin McCarthy for the position of House Speaker.  Current GOP leadership has been promising that the GOP would sprout a pair and stop playing dumb sidekick to the Democrats, promises which I’m sure will be dusted off and trotted out once again.  These changes can’t come soon enough for Party and the Republic if either is to survive.  Here’s a suggested theme song from the base to the leadership:

The test of Rick Marshall’s Marshall Plan was taken with his verbal permission from an email he sent on December 3, 2022.
The music video “A Littel Less Talk and a Lot More Action” was posted to YouTube by Toby Keith thirteen years ago. The YouTube address is https colon slash slash www dot youtube dot com slash watch?v=XI7YzUKE_wI

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  1. Rick,
    We have had our differences in the past and I was happy to read your plan of what to do with LACRCC. You will be a great chairman because you have a great team and this CC has only one way to go and that is UP.. Talk with some of the people who were, (and are still around) who remember when the CC did what it was supposed to do. I have moved to Texas and was on the county committee here until I had a health setback.
    I wish you so much prosperous success in your endeavor and will enjoy watching you be the top county in the State . Peggy Mew.

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