BAD NEWS: Prop 13 Repeal Advances – One Way to Stop It Now

 The one vote, could have been my phone call or yours.

BAD NEWS from yesterday’s vote in the State Assembly and we absolutely must get your help to prevent a disastrous tax hike measure from passing!

Late yesterday, both ACA-1 and ACA-13 bills to gut Prop 13 passed the Assembly by just ONE vote! But we aren’t done yet! Now these measures head to the State Senate – where we need your help IMMEDIATELY to KILL THESE BILLS!

Both ACA-1 and ACA-13 eliminate Prop 13’s two-thirds public vote requirement for any new tax hikes – and are specifically designed to block our California Taxpayer Protection Initiative that would require honest ballot titles on all future tax hikes and would retroactively invalidate billions in tax hikes Democrats recently imposed in California!
If we are to have a chance to stop the Democrat’s tax-raising bill from passing, I need your help. Message blast and CALL THESE TARGETTED STATE SENATORS TODAY, EVERYDAY. LEAVE MESSAGES ON THEIR VOICE MAIL.  Senate votes on the 14th

I need you to immediately CALL the following swing State Senators and tell them “VOTE NO ON ACA-1 and ACA-13! Don’t allow our taxes to be increased or we’ll vote you out of office!”

  • State Senator Catherine Blakespaere – (916) 651-4038
  • Senator Marie Alvarado-Gil – (916) 651-4004
  • Senator Ana Caballero – (916) 651-4014
  • Senator David Min – (916) 651-4037
  • Senator Josh Newman – (916) 651-4029
  • Senator Susan Eggamn – (916) 651-4005
  • Senator Melissa Hurtado – (916) 651-4016
  • Senator Steve Glazier – (916) 651-4007
  • Senator Richard Roth – (916) 651-4031

Time is running out – as the State Senate has until next Thursday September 14 to pass or block these bills! 

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