AZ RINOs, lots of cover ups, chutzpah and cash, NO credibility and NO future – we are winning

The Republican base is getting activated in Arizona and is making massive difference in the political lineup there. Consider these two stories appearing in the last 24 hours at The Gateway Pundit:

FRAUD ALERT: Maricopa County GOP Chair Refuses Requests To Appoint Signature Challengers on Early Ballots — MASSIVE FRAUD EXPECTED!

The RINOs have consistently worked with the Demoncrats to hold power.  Subsequent to the revelations of the 2020 election disaster and the forensic audit Arizonans are realizing that they have been cheated all these years and are determined to not be cheated again.

The ONLY reason Rusty Bowers is on the chopping block is because Arizonans made calls, sent emails, wrote letters and personally button holed their Republican politicians in massive numbers.  These quislings are now exposed for all to see and finally the American political system is waking up and making its power felt.

The ONLY reason a request was made for signature challengers was made (had not been done in a long, long time) was because the Republican base put pressure on their County Party officials to do so.  The ONLY reason the request was refused is because the Maricopa GOP Chairman knows full well what will be revealed if checkers and challengers see what is actually going on.

The ONLY reason anything is happening AT ALL is because We the People are waking up and exercising our Civic Authority.

Oh, boy, here it comes!  I can hear the Eeyores now.  “Its no use in California.  We are doomed.  The Dems have the system all sewn up, there’s nothing we can do.  There’s no use in trying so why waste the effort?”

Well, your Irascible Correspondent can guara-dam-tee you this: there is no path to victory in preemptive surrender.

Get on your Party leadership and and pound them to do their jobs and support traditional patriotic candidates.  When you find such candidates, support them!  Find out who their opposition is and attack them!  Use email, the telephone, snail mail.  Use Twitter.

Yes Twitter, because that is where our enemies are strutting their stuff.  Don’t say, Twitter is the country of our enemies, we won’t go there.  We want to go to Gab and Truth Social.  That makes as much sense as sending the Marines to storm Pismo Beach rather than Guadalcanal because the folks a Pismo Beach won’t be shooting at us.  You’ll never win a war that way.  The only way to win is to go where the enemy is holding territory that should be ours, confront the enemy and take the territory from him.

There. Is. No. Other. Way.

So quit moaning about how all is lost.  Pick up your weapon, your channels of communication.  Take aim to support a friend or attack an enemy.  Then DO IT!


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