ATTENTION ALL PATRIOTS: January 6th Solidarity Truth Rally – Saturday, September 24th, in Washington D.C. — BREAKING NEWS —

Inexplicably The Gateway Pundit announces a rally in Washington DC to support the January 6 prisoners.  [Plus, see breaking news at the bottom of this article.]

On Saturday, September 24th from 1-4 pm, patriots will gather in Washington, D.C., at the corner of Constitution NW and First St NW, North of the Reflecting Pool, to stand united against the political persecution of the January 6th political prisoners.

“Come support your January 6th Heroes at the biggest J6 event to date! Over 20 powerful speakers confirmed.  Now is the time to stand united and show our strength in numbers by protesting conservative political persecution in the heart of the American Capital.  State up for those that stood up for you.  This will be a safe and peaceful event.”

Your Irascible Correspondent can not believe that the Hoft brothers, who run The Gateway Pundit could be so stupid as to promote this event.  I cannot believe that any of the people featured would be so stupid as to agree to go.  No Patriot with even two crippled brain cells to rub together should go.  Why not?  Glad you asked.

Oh, look! The nice folks in DC want to host the most dangerous terrorists in the world, MAGA conservatives. They’ll all be so kind, and gentle and welcoming, what could go wrong? I mean, it’s not like they are power mad demons terrified that they will be ousted in the November election, or that they would even THINK about having their glowies,their paid activists and agents provocateurs kick up some major violence to blame on those awful, awful MAGA folks.

Not a few weeks before the November midterms, no, of course not! It would be RACIST to say so, so I’m not saying so because I just couldn’t stand it if anybody in the world were to think I were racist (shudder!).

Just because they’ve been trying to provoke MAGA Americans into getting violent for the last, what eighteen months, you think that is a reason to suspect foul play? What an evil mind you have!

You would be even more evil if you were to suggest that wicked, unsuspecting  MAGA terrorists “unexpectedly” swept up in a staged second “insurrection” would be used as a pretext to impose martial law and call off the election because democracy is under assault. Oh, what a VILLAIN you are!

If you go maybe the nice DC Police, FBI and Antifa plants will even let you spend time with the January 6 protesters in the same jail! Wouldn’t that be cool?

Then you could spend days and days thinking about how you, such a Special One, YOU, helped abrogate the Constitution and ushered in a new form of government previously unknown in the USA. Wow! You could go down in history!

Can’t think of a single reason not to go.  Can think of LOTS of reasons not to go.

Stay home!  Hold a solidarity rally in your local community, but STAY OUT OF DC!

BREAKING – Your Irascible Correspondent has received credible reports that Merrick Garland’s Department of Justice has ordered FBI offices in all 50 States to open files on DOMESTIC VIOLENT EXTREMISM, (note carefully the language)  whether or not they have any cases to put in the file.  It does not matter if the file is empty, nobody outside the DOJ will see the files anyhow, as they will simply claim that they cannot disclose anything about ongoing investigations.  The real purpose of the order is so that at some point before the November election Garland can give a press conference and make the claim that they are overwhelmed with DOMESTIC VIOLENT EXTREMISM, “See!  It is a plague!  Its in every State!”  This will serve as a pretext for taking some action at a national level to clean up all this DOMESTIC VIOLENT EXTREMISM.  Who are these DOMESTIC VIOLENT EXTREMISTS?  They are the ones Joe “CCP Puppet” Biden warned the nation about on September 1, all those MAGA Republicans, President Trump, those who voted for him, those who support him, their friends and allies, all of which which are threats to “our democracy.” That’s you and me.

Patriot, the Democrats know they are going to get a shellacking in the mid terms, despite their cheating.  I see that Nevada has moved to paper ballots for November, has outlawed the use of machines to count them, they will all be hand counted by living humans.  If they can’t cheat they can’t win.  They know they are losing and are pulling out all the stops to prevent it.

What must YOU do (and I DO mean MUST) to achieve victory for America?  That is very simple: don’t be silent.  Everything that we are doing is part of an information war.  We are going to great lengths to provide you with information to that you can pass that information on to others.  Share this with your family, your friends, your co-workers, your fellow congregants at church.  Yes, even those who don’t want to hear it.  You don’t have to storm the beaches at Normandy, or repel human wave attacks on Pork Chop Hill or prowl the Jungles of Vietnam, or endure the dusty heat of Iraq.  Our weapon is information, exposing the schemes of the enemy before they can come to fruition.  Use your keyboard, use your mouth, and pray for this beleaguered Republic

That is all.  Now stand to your duty.  God bless America!



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