Assault on the Capitol

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A lot of dirt is coming out in the wash.  Mike Pence has shown himself a traitor.  Many Republicans have shown themselves traitors of late, Pence is just the latest.  Not everything is clear yet, but things are snapping into focus.  Bottom line: today President Trump folds or raises, no other options.

I don’t think he anticipated how swift and brutal the assault on the Capitol would be though I think the rally was planned as bait to provoke an overreaction from the left.  There has been an ongoing coup against the President since before his election four years ago.  Even before that the entire eight years of Immaculate Barry’s reign was a set up to push the US into the clutches of the Neo Marxist globalists, the Hildebeast was supposed to finish the job.  Oops!  Too bad, Felonia, in hindsight it looks like Dominion dropped the ballots.

At this point if things had been allowed to proceed normally after the election was stolen, Congress would have certified the election for Quid Pro Joe the Cathay Kid, and it would have been pretty much over with.  Probably the President had some plan after this, but it would likely have been pretty desperate.  For sure we knew that Trump is a fighter and a patriot, and would not voluntarily allow the United States to become a Chinese client state no matter what.

Oh, incidentally, as of two days ago President Pooh Jinping has ordered the Chinese armed forces to be ready for war at a second’s notice.  No need to wonder any more what that’s about.  Couldn’t get a better chance to grab Taiwan than while the US is undergoing internal convulsions.  Is he confident enough that he’ll pull the trigger?  We’ll see.

Maybe I should be more careful what I say about our new would-be overlord.  Nah!

Note the jump in the blue tally at about 11:00

So what happened today?  It looks to me that Trump set out bait and the left just had to take it, because that’s just how they are.  The Donks have just “won” the runoff election in Georgia using the same crooked system as on November 3rd.  We know the Dominion machines are rigged, the mail in ballots are fakes and the counting still didn’t have any Republican observers.  This despite Trump’s call to Georgia’s Secretary of State letting him know that he had all the evidence of fraud and begging him to come clean and play straight.  Nope, they think victory is in their grasp and they aren’t going to let it get away from them, especially when the fraud is so GOOD!

They were on the point of certifying for Beijing Biden, all they had to do was follow through on that.  But knowing the nature of his enemies Trump set a trap for them, and they fell for it.  There was no reason for Trump to call the rally, it would not have served to slow down the certification process or otherwise advance his agenda.  As far as anyone outside his inner circle knew he was done, toast, on the brink of being dragged out the the White House, arrested and set up for trial.  So why the rally?

Your Irascible Correspondent believes the rally was bait.  The Marxist Globalists had no idea why he was calling the rally, only that Trump believed that it would aid him in some way, even though they couldn’t figure out how.  So they had to find a way to spoil it.  Plus, as Trump has a large an enthusiastic following whose influence would persist for some time after he was gone, they could use the opportunity to discredit what they call Trumpism.  “Trumpsim,” they likely thought, “would hinder our plans for subduing America, so it would be to our benefit to cut the legs out from under them as we did with the Tea Party.  That way we can kill two birds with one stone, spoil Trump’s plan and undermine Trumpism.”

So they infiltrated their hired goons into the Patriot crowd and then assaulted the Capitol pretending to be Patriots.  No, Gentle Reader, this is not mere speculation.  For one thing, as of this writing at least one prominent Capitol invader has been identified as a Black Lives Matter rioter, as per the Twitter image on the left.  Also, the tactics used by the Capitol invaders were exactly the same kinds of tactics used by the Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

No conservative group, not the Proud Boys nor any other group, ever acted in this manner.  Finally, according to a former FBI agent on the ground at the US Capitol, at least one bus load of Antifa goons infiltrated the Trump rally as part of a false flag operation.  More will be revealed in coming days, I’m sure.

Meanwhile traitors in both the Demoncrat and Republican Parties are calling to the President’s immediate removal by, as I read it, both impeachment and by invoking the 25th Amendment.  Twitter censored then removed the President’s tweet calling for his supporters to go home and peace on the streets, then locked his account.  Cell phone blockers have been deployed around the White House preventing cell phone service to those within.  The President is seemingly isolated and under siege.  He appears helpless and defeated.  He understands that we are at war, and in war many stratagems are used to induce your enemy to make a mistake you can exploit.  The President is not defeated, and neither are American Patriots.

Your Irascible Correspondent remains confident that the President will prevail.  America will prevail.  It is going to be a longer, more arduous slog than any of us would like.  We will endure it, we will toil and suffer and hope and pray, and ultimately we will win.  Meanwhile keep your chin up the old aspidistra flying.

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