Arizona audit report

The Arizona Audit team made their report to the Arizona Senate Friday afternoon.  All they reported was their findings of anomalies, they did not state any conclusions.  You could tell, just from they way there were presenting things that they wanted to say more but were constrained.  Exactly what forces imposed those constraints has not been disclosed.  I have heard rumors that the auditors and the the Senators themselves were threatened.  There can be now question that the auditors will have their lives ruined by leftist thugs who will harass them – or worse, I wouldn’t be surprised – for years.  The malice and vindictiveness of these Maoist fanatics knows no bounds.

Liz Harris is the Arizona Realtor who looked at the publicly available data, saw massive discrepancies and took action.  The action she took was to initiate a canvass of the vote, which your Irascible Correspondent previously reported on these pages here.

This is long, almost two hours, but just packed with information you won’t see or hear anywhere else.  More will be revealed in due course, though not in your usual sources.  The Mainstream Presstitutes are yipping and yapping about how this report didn’t change the result of the election.  That was not its the near term purpose.  It will at the very least lead to a call to decertify the results of the election.  It will also spur enthusiasm for similar audits in other locations, like the County in Michigan in which 7,000 voters had the same signature and more than twice that number had the same phone number.

It also does this, however underwhelming the presentation (nobody said  “FRAUD,” it was plainly visible): the American electorate can now see that the election process by which we have granted authority to those who govern us is badly broken.  The legitimacy of the government at all levels is now seriously in question.  I have rather diffidently suggested in the past that civil disobedience and mass non-compliance are valid responses to this fraud (I’ll call it out even if nobody else does).  By this means, the capture of the electoral system to impose on the governed masters we never elected and by perpetuating systemic fraud rather than ending it, the government has voided its own authority.  Fraud vitiates everything.

The establishment of the Revolutionary Junta in DC is only the beginning of tyranny imposing its brutal dictates on us.  As we have seen, it has only gotten worse and will get worse still.  Canada was planning “Covid Quarantine Camps” that could “be used for other purposes” a year ago, now they have them, as does Australia, as we will if this madness is permitted to go on.

America was born in rebellion and will die in chains unless We the People overthrow these illegitimate despots now.  Resist much, obey little.

Liz Harris has a suggestion at the end of the discussion as to what anyone can do.  Go to Canvass50 and answer the questions  A simple, easy, risk free way to stick your thumb in the tyrant’s eye.

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Here is what some of the volunteer audit workers had to say. These fellow citizens make me proud.

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