Are Republicans too honest to win?

So far, yes.  Realistically this includes most Americans, it is a fault of our American nature: we are a very trusting people.  Our enemies, whether foreign or domestic, know this and take advantage of us to defeat us.  We assume that the people facing us are basically our friends with whom we are having a disagreement so we negotiate in good faith to maintain the relationship.  We treat all these interactions as a business relationship in which everybody defines their aims, negotiates an agreement, shake hands on it, then honors that agreement.


They are at war with us.  They aren’t aiming at a better deal for themselves and their allies, they are working to defeat us.  Their aim is our destruction and humiliation.  Their aim is break us into pieces and plunder the pieces.  Their aim is our enslavement and extermination.  Their aim is to wipe the idea of American freedom from history and utterly from the minds of men.

So far we, fat and dumb and happy, are playing along.

Over at the Lidblog Dr. Joel S. Holmes has an excellent article on why we will lose.  Go there, read it, read his suggestions for achieving an American victory, the implement them.  Here’s why we will lose:

Here in two sentences (really), is how the Marxist Democrats defeat us and have pushed America halfway to hell.
In the Art of War, by Sun Tzu, we find sentence number 1:

“All warfare is based on deception.”

Sentence number 2 is as follows:

The Marxist Democrats plan in secret, attack by surprise, and destroy something important to us… by then it is almost too late to respond.

He then proceeds to tell us how to turn things around:

First, we must learn quickly how to use deception. And do so.

This does not mean telling the communist-type big lies that they do. But it does mean taking them by surprise, confusing them, demoralizing them, even when we are weak and at a disadvantage.

He then makes two concrete suggestions how to proceed.  Go there and read, implement, win.

If somebody broke into your home and was strangling you with the cord from your cell phone charger you wouldn’t say, “I don’t have time to deal with this right now, the grand kids are coming over right after Yodeling With Stars, and then …  Look, I just don’t have the time for this right now!”  You’d do something about it pronto.  Damn it, people, you are not too busy, it is your business and there are things you can do if you heave your lazy rump up, connect with other Patriots, make a plan, work the plan whether you feel like it or not, until we win.

There is no other way.

Ask me how

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