An aggressive, totalistic religion

Marxism in all its forms an permutations is an aggressive totalistic religion.  Its adherents advance it from a position of weakness when they are in the minority by playing the victim and pleading for tolerance.  As their claims of victimhood are heeded and accepted by a compassionate society they solidify their hold on power, (total power is the ultimate goal) by resorting to increasing levels of violence.  This violence increases in intensity and scale, ranging from manipulation (yes, manipulation is a form of violence, as is seduction) up through rioting and ultimately to those horrors which are the hallmark of Marxist societies always and everywhere: organized famine, terror, mass murder and failure at the economic, material, cultural, moral and spiritual levels.  This is why Marxist societies collapse, leaving an exhausted and impoverished populace to rebuild from what fragments of the former culture they can salvage from the rubble.

Today we have a prime example of the Marxist Death Cult from Behind the Black (h/t Sarah Hoyt via Instapundit):

Today’s blacklisted American: Father gets fired immediately after speaking at school board against queer agenda

Afraid and cowed by the queer movement
Afraid and cowed by the queer movement

They’re coming for you next: Immediately after Jason Brunt, a father of three boys in the public schools, gave a three minute speech at his local Sarasota School Board meeting, pleading for the school to provide his “straight” kids a safe space instead of harassing them for their preferred sexuality, queer activists began harassing his family and calling his employer with slanderous accusations, resulting in his immediate firing.

Mr. Brunt said that the attention he received turned into a living nightmare after radical progressive activists started harassing him and threatening his family, including homosexual acts toward his children. They even called his workplace with false accusations, which resulted in his immediate termination.

“However, the attention soon turned into a nightmare. Radical progressive activists began attacking me personally, sending me hate mail and threats. The situation only escalated when I began receiving phone calls at my job, making false allegations and defaming me to an obscene level. To my utter dismay, my employer decided to fire me effective immediately, citing the video as a reason for making people feel unsafe at work. It was devastating to lose a job I had worked so hard to obtain and succeed in,” Mr. Brunt said.

“As an HR professional, I am understanding and supportive of all people to express themselves as they see fit. However, it seems that today, if you disagree with the progressive ideology, you will be canceled and criminalized. It is not right that merely asking for equality and safe spaces for children like mine, I faced an all-out assault on my personal life,” he added.

So, what did this father say that was so egregious? Here is his speech:

At no time does he call for the suppression of anyone advocating the queer agenda. All he asks is equal treatment for all kids. To quote him, “I’m asking for equal, for every child to feel that they are safe. … I want my children to grow up thinking that everyone is equal, that everyone is respected.”

For this, the goons and thugs of the queer agenda quickly moved to harass him, his family, and his employer, the last causing his firing. Note too that this harassment to his children had begun before he gave his speech at the school board meeting, and was in fact what prompted his appearance there.

Mr. Brunt shared that his son was bullied by a group of students who all identified as LGBTQ+ and their allies. They bullied him for not wearing rainbow colors in an effort to support a trend that was popular on TikTok, that they were trying to pull a gay Pride stunt in the school.

Mr. Brunt asked his son to report this to his teachers and counselors, but his son said, “Dad, I can’t. They’re all against me. The teachers and counselors have rainbow stickers anywhere. No matter what I do, I’m going to be in trouble because they’re gay and I’m straight and they could do whatever they want, and I will always be wrong.”

Do you doubt this story? I don’t, based on what we have seen coming out of the academic and education community in the past three years. Their goal is no longer to teach reading, writing, and arithmetic, but to indoctrinate innocent children to the queer agenda, to make them queer against the wishes of their parents, if possible.

Meanwhile, the Sarasota School Board supposedly has a 4-1 conservative majority as of the August 2022 elections. That board however just last month decided against hiring an educational consultant with ties to conservative Hillsdale College, bowing to a leftist campaign against the deal.

It appears they are as intimidated by the thugs of the leftist queer movement as was Brunt’s employer, United Air Temp. Even with a governor and state legislature entirely on their side, they backed down.

Your Irascible Correspondent has contacted United Air Temp and suggested that they grow a spine, stop being such cowards and rehire Mr. Brunt with an apology and a raise.  (703) 516-8300

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