Action item – La Canada School Board meeting tonight

Like all the School Boards around here (Glendale, Burbank, Pasadena, etc.) the La Canada School Board is deeply mired in leftist ideology.  Historically the right’s opposition to this trend has been anemic and inconsistent.  That is changing.  American parents have woken up to the fact that their kids are being indoctrinated with anti-white racism in the schools; they don’t like it and are strongly pushing back.

Last week we saw some pretty good pushback at the School Board meeting in Burbank Unified, video at the link or click on the image to your right.  Their rules don’t allow for real dialogue.  First the public is given the opportunity to address the Board during which time the Board maintains strict silence, then the Board members more or less address the public’s comments during which time the public is expected to remain silent.  What we see is that parents are clearly and forcefully voicing their concerns the the Board basically dismisses their concerns and blithely passes resolutions the parents firmly oppose.

The La Canada Unified School Board is having their monthly meeting tonight:
When: 8/10/2021, 7:00 PM  11:00 PM,  in the LCUSD Board Room
Where: 4490 Cornishon Ave. La Canada, CA 91011 in the LCUSD Board Room

I urge as many GBRA members as possible to show up and support those parents who oppose the indoctrination of their children with all kinds of anti-American clap-trap.  How do we know that this is a concern?  See for yourself.  Here are two rather lengthy clips for what appears to be a discussion among LCE teachers on Zoom, taken from a longer recording to which I will link here, but not post.

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  1. She said: “Why it’s so hard for white people to talk about racism”
    The opposite is true. She and her comrades are CREATING the image of white racism. There may be some here and there by and against white people. But institutionalized? Only against whites. See what the rule is helping white versus minority farmers. Or college admissions. And many that we don’t even know of.
    What is happening today is the mirror image of how the coupe d’etat happened in 1917 in Russia.
    See the invaluable book of documented history in the Black Book of Communism. Why is this not in the curriculum?
    Try to read it if you can (and while you can). And spread it. It is horror with documented references. Similar power grabs happened in every country that entertained communist rule.

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