Urge Sheriff Villanueva to join Constitutional Sheriffs And Peace Officers Association

At our CONSTITUTIONAL SHERIFFS AND PEACE OFFICERS ASSOCIATION, an organization founded by Sheriff Richard Mack, Press Conference on July 12th Gregg Phillips and Catherine Engelbrecht of True the Vote  featured in the 2000 Mules Movie advised that we recommend that the constituents in the counties go to www.protectamerica.vote and “Nominate” their Sheriff to participate in receiving immutable evidence of election fraud in their counties.

I would recommend that we get as many people as possible to go to:
At the top right of the home page “Connect with your Sheriff”
I would state in the comment box that you want Sheriff Villanueva, as the Supreme Law Enforcement in the county, to participate and receive evidence of election fraud in Los Angeles County and to open an investigation, as is his duty to investigate crimes in the County.
As we discussed at your event last night we need the patriots in Southern California to support the CSPOA by joining Sheriff Mack’s Posse.
While Sheriff Mack is speaking to and training the Sheriffs and other Peace Officers “We the People” who are the bosses of the elected Sheriff need to “Nominate” the Sheriff to honor their oath and do their job of investigating crimes in their county.
If Sheriff Villanueva refuses to do his job after getting thousands of “Nominations” this needs to be exposed!
Thank you,

Steve Tuminello

Stephen C. Tuminello
Public Relations
OFFICE (602) 268-9268
DIRECT (323) 382-8638

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