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This is for us! Californian. Republicans. We the political team that works to elect conservative candidates and pass conservative causes must ask ourselves, what is the purpose of our campaigning if we do not clean up California’s elections? If we continue voting without supporting EIP, then we are truly the personification of insanity’s classic  definition.
Linda and Ruth with their great Lawyers, already won a Supreme Court Victory forcing California to clean up its voting rolls. Did AG Xavier Becerra cooperate?  NO!
Therefore, we must continue winning until they can no longer ignore and deny the rulings.This takes money.
Please contribute to the cause, we cannot stop or give up.
Forward this to your friends and family,  and let’s promote this on all of our social media platforms.


Year-End Funding to Support the Audit of 13 CA Counties


As we reach the end of 2021, we have much to be grateful for due to your generous support!
Because of your support and the thousands of volunteers who continue to observe the election process, EIPCa was able to file a ground-breaking lawsuit challenging the unconstitutional election laws, regulations, and policies used to manage elections and process ballots.
Our lawsuit, strongly supported by irrefutable documentation, is before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. On Dec. 27, 2021 our legal team submitted an incredibly strong Legal Brief that summarizes the strength of the case.
We are now in Phase Two of our effort to retore integrity to CA elections by proving the current lack of integrity in the election process makes it impossible for CA to be governed as a Republic, beginning with the inability of citizens to choose those who govern.


EIPCa must prepare now for the lawsuit to be sent back to the District Court because through Discovery we can audit the 13 CA counties named in the lawsuit!


This will be the most expensive part of the lawsuit and we will be unable to fund it without the most generous tax-deductible gift you and all election integrity advocates can provide.
This next phase is crucial to the success of the lawsuit.
2022 is a critical year to work together to ensure that 11 years of documenting every aspect of the election process can be completed through the audit and by training Observer teams in as many counties as possible for both the Primary and the General elections.
For the sake of the future of California and the future generations of Californians, we ask you to consider sending a generous gift of $250, $500, $2,500… or more if you can.
EIPCa is the ONLY organization in the country that has 11 years of documented evidence of the many aspects used to destroy integrity in the election process, including unconstitutional laws, regulations and policies.
It is with great anticipation that we look to 2022 to move us closer to fair, honest, and transparent elections in California, so that citizens can actually choose those who govern! Please, share the opportunity with everyone you know!
Election Integrity Project®California, Inc is a
qualified tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization
Donate online: https://www.eip-ca.com – click on Donate button.
Donate by check:  Make check out to EIPCa. Mail to our Arizona office
1042 Willow Creek Rd. Suite A101-479, Prescott, Arizona 86301
 We can’t thank you enough for your support, which made it possible to bring this fight to the courts!




Linda Paine, President and Co-founder,
Election Integrity Project®California

Election Integrity Project® California 
is a nonprofit public benefit organization

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    • In fact full forensic audits are necessary as the paper ballots must be evaluated for authenticity and compared to the electronic records. Using electronic records alone will not prove anything as it is easy to dismiss such discrepancies by calling it a glitch. Only the physical proof in the paper ballots is legal grounds for any kind of follow up action. Only legal paper ballots that were legally cast can disclose what the voter intended.

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