Twenty years

Twenty years ago today Americans discovered that we were at war.  It was not clear on that day who we were at war with, but certainly we were at war.  In the coming days we came to know our enemy.  But truly we did not know them, we were told that we were at war with terrorism.  This was not true.  Terror was our enemies’s tactic, the real enemy could not be named in polite society: Islam.  More precisely, radical and violent interpretation of Islam and jihad that had gained ascendancy in the Muslim world and maintains that ascendancy it to this day.

As with all wars this one did not start when American blood was drawn on on American soil that fateful September morn.  It had been gestating even before the 1983 bombing of the Marine barracks in Beirut, the attempted destruction of the Twin Towers in 1993, the bombing of the USS Cole, the attacks on the US embassies in East Africa; all were clear indicators that war was upon us.  The attacks on 9/11 were terrible, and worse, they happened here.  Then we sat up and paid attention.

Within six weeks American special forces had brought down the Taliban government in Afghanistan.  Last month the DC Puppet regime abjectly surrendered to that same Taliban.  Twenty years apart these events bracket this part of the war which will continue simply because the forces that were unleashed so many decades ago are still alive, emboldened and their lust for American blood not yet sated.

That shameful surrender puts the seal of certainty on the fact that Radical Islam is only one of America’s enemies.  International Communism headed by China and Russia with a cohort of traitors within our own borders remains an existential threat.  It is an error to think that Quid Pro Joe bungled the Afghan withdrawal.  On the contrary, it was carefully staged and expertly managed to highlight America’s castration and maximize America’s humiliation and impotence in the eyes of the world.  Nor is this the end of the humiliations, the Revolutionary Junta will continue to plunge daggers into our backs with inflation, economic collapse, the sequellae of the plannedemic and the “vaccine” mandates, domestic terrorism, famine and who knows what more.  Our enemies are clever, cruel and ruthless: there will be more.

In the days and weeks following 9/11 we grieved, yes, but we rose from our grief united in righteous anger determined to prevail.  It was tough and highly imperfect, but prevail we did.  Now our enemies have foisted an illegitimate government on us with a rigged election, unleashed a bioweapon on the world, and stand to inflict still other atrocities upon us.  They are confident in their victory for they believe us defeated.  Having knocked us down they think we are out for the count.  What fools!

I see no spirit of defeat in the eyes of my fellow Americans today, any more than I saw a spirit of defeat twenty years ago.  Most are not yet fully awake to the crimes perpetrated against us.  More are waking up daily, and more will awaken in the days to come.  America has been knocked down before, always we have stood up and destroyed those who attacked us.  So this time also America is rising and claiming the triumph we are determined shall be ours, our sacred birthright of freedom, our glorious destiny as one nation under God.

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