2020 election fr@ud – Absolute Proof

Mike Lindell of My Pillow fame has made a documentary detailing the 2020 election fraud.  Every Commie controlled platform removed it the moment it popped up, but you can find it at his site here or click on the image on the right.

No surprise that it came out just as TIME’s insane inversion of reality burst onto the scene.  TIME would have us believe that a handful of heroes saw the danger of President Trump stealing the election and so “fortified” – their word (paging George Orwell)! – the election process to prevent Trump from claiming victory.  The fact that their “fortified” election was anything other than a complete, in your face, blatant steal is demolished by Absolute Proof.

It is a common tactic of the Communists to closely follow their opponents’ communications and thus often know what information will be published in advance.  They are thus prepared to publish their own propaganda pieces even before the Good Guys can get theirs to press.  They do this to undermine and disarm whatever negative information is being revealed about them.  How aptly it is said that a lie has been around the world three times before the truth has got its boots on.

It goes without saying that this needs to be shared everywhere as quickly as possible.

4 Comments on “2020 election fr@ud – Absolute Proof

  1. Outrageous, blatant proof, and Supremes refuse to look? But they approved the baseless Manhattan DA’s witchhunt against Dinald Trump!
    We are down the rabbit hole!!!!

  2. Hi Mike,

    Great video. To increase exposure, start the video at approximately 1:38. Insert info that the voting machines were hooked up to the internet and then go to the cyber attacks which is the meat of how the election was stolen. Everything else is too much detail. People have a short attention span. 5 – 10 minute video at the most. Most will click off after 15 minutes. Some will want more info. Offer them a link to watch the entire video. Most will be satisfied with the 5-10 minute version as it will give them talking points which they can quickly relay.

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