A couple of weeks ago Twitter announced that anyone who declared that President Trump had won the election on November 3 or days following would have their tweets and their account removed.  This, they said, would be true even if the President himself announced it on Twitter.  The same would not be true of anyone who announced the victory of Joe “Basement Boy” Biden.

They they would do this, they say, because they expect that as the ballots got counted on Election Day Trump would be the clear winner.  But because the effort to extend the deadline to count mail-in votes up to two weeks past November 3rd, the real winner would be Basement Boy.  Therefore a “premature” announcement would be false and misleading, and they just couldn’t live with themselves if anybody got misled.  Arrant hypocrisy ain’t in it.

Fake X22 Report
Real X22 Report

Twitter has on more than one occasion censored Trump’s tweets, restoring them after the White House lodged a complaint.  “Sorry,” they said.  “It was just some careless employee.”  Riiiiight.  In fact, Twitter has launched an all out war against President Trump by removing the accounts of hundreds of his supporters.  So has Youtube.  So has Vimeo.  So has Facebook.  So has the payment portal Patreon, as has PayPal.  Google has many Trump supporting sites unfindable.  Interestingly, Youtube has swapped out some sites that support President Trump with fake content.

Fortunately many of these voices opposed the monolithic Progressive propaganda  machine saw the writing on the wall and took action to move their channels to other platforms.  For the moment they can still discuss their ideas in alternate locations; no one knows for how long.

It might be argued that this is all coincidence, but it is not.  The ax fell for most of these sites, mostly the bigger ones, on October 15th, and there has been a mopping up operation underway since then, targeting and removing the smaller sites.  This has not been done by the government as the founding fathers feared, but by an organized cabal of like minded billionaires and the Marxist marching morons who are their minions.

To just a couple of weeks ago we all knew that the mainstream media served as propaganda fronts for advancing the Neo Marxist Globalist agenda.  By then we had begun to seriously suspect that the big online social media platforms were no longer neutral.  On the 15th of October the terrible truth was brought home to us; they are totally in the tank for the Globalists.

By ‘in the tank’ for the Neo Marxist Globalists I don’t mean that they favor the Democrats to win the 2020 election.  That is certainly true, but only a part of it.  Therefore it would be a mistake to expect that after the results of the election become known the tech giants will relent and return control of  channels, accounts and platforms to all the banned content creators; the likelihood of that is slim to nil.  No, the whole Progressive Left knows that it is losing what they think is the last, best chance to become masters of the world.  Once they have silenced the opposition they never intend to allow them – us! – a voice again.

Twitter CEO at Congressional hearing
Facebook CEO before Congress

How can we be so sure of that?  Two reasons.  First, they have shown their hand by rebelling against We the People and the Constitution, flagrantly stripping half the population of their rights.  Oh, yes, technically they are enacting a policy change which any private company has the right to do in a free society.  But by doing so they are abetting a coup against the government and the people of the United States.  They can never again be trusted.  How the law will deal with that remains to be seen, but the fact remains that these companies, their ownership, their management and many of their employees have essentially committed treason.  A price must be paid for that, and the price must be heavy.

Secondly, it appears that Canada has let the cat out of the bag a bit too soon.  Not on purpose, but someone privy to the plans being discussed in the Canadian Parliament was unhappy about what he heard, and leaked them.  Here is the gist of it in two parts.  First, Bill and Gates, wannabe vaccine king:

In the video below the plan is laid out, including the chilling discussions which took place in the Canadian Parliament.  It sounds like a cross between all the James Bond villains rolled into one and the crazy plottings of Pinky and the Brain.


  • Another pandemic is planned for early 2021 which will be more deadly than the Flu Manchu and Covid-19.
  • Strict lockdowns will be required to combat it.
  • These lockdowns will bring economic activity to a standstill.
  • Government approved vaccines will be made available to the citizens.
  • Those who accept the vaccines will be permitted a limited mobility in society.
  • Those who refuse it will be remanded to quarantine camps.
  • In these camps people can choose to accept the vaccine and renter society or remain in the camps until they do, indefinitely if necessary.
  • The government will provide a basic income to the vaccinated.
  • Those unable to pay their debts will be offered debt forgiveness on condition that they renounce all their assets in perpetuity

Lest anyone think that this is all a kooky conspiracy theory, the Global Economic Forum is pushing this Great Reset whereby capitalism is re-imagined and brought to heel by those wiser than, well, anybody who’s not a Progressive billionaire.  Who better to appoint to rule the world than a pack of filthy rich, self congratulating, internationalist moral authoritarians?  They are, in all humility, ready to step in and save us from ourselves.  All we have to do is put our trust in their superior wisdom, accept our crust of bread and be content with our lot.  As for those of us who obstinately cling to our Bibles, our guns and our freedom, well, we will be dealt with until we have learned better.

These, the Davos elites, are the people who have invested billions of dollars to remove Donald Trump from office and having failed, are now investing billions of dollars to prevent his reelection.  Sounds like foreign election interference to me.  They are all in, everything is in play, here they win or lose it all.  They have lied to us, silenced us, threatened us, cheated us, and the best they can do is a close call, and that with millions of Americans still asleep.

Here’s the bottom line: we win, they lose.  They know it, too.  They have painted themselves into a corner.  It is now that they are most dangerous, like cornered rats.  This is not the time to get complacent, however.  We must work hard at every level as if it all depended on us, and pray like it all depends on God.

Oh, and help wake people up, share this message.


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