You’d better believe we teach CRT — and lie to parents about it

Ed Morrissey has a piece up on Hot Air about the claims and counter claims of Critical Race Theory being taught in schools.  The propaganda outlets are all over it, No CRT.  No sir, not a bit.   Ah ain’t never seen none o’ that CRT stuff..  No CRT hereabouts.  Nope.  Nope  Nope.  Nary a bit.”

So of course you know they are.  Sure, they’ll switch up the language and call it different things to fool you (as it!).  So Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) are big, and so is Social Emotional Learning.  No matter, it is all the same serpent.  The recent elections underline why it is so important to keep the truth under wraps: parents don’t like it.  Parents hate it.  And parents don’t like being lied to about it.

But hold on a minute, Buddy, what do we have here?  Somebody from within the system telling us what we always suspected?

The Left in general and Leftist teachers in particular remain convinced that this is good for students and needs to be a part of their education.  No, they are not ignorant of what they are doing, they support this stuff.  Why?  What benefit could they hope their charges to derive from this material that they will go to such lengths to hide it from outside eyes, deny it when it comes to light, defend it passionately when it can no longer be denied and even persecute parents and community members who point it out?

There seem to be several reasons why they would do this.  First is that it contributing the the demoralization of America by infecting future citizens with a fundamentally Marxist view of the world.  This will lead to a society which is essentially Socialist while maintaining most of the trappings of the American Republic.  Inculcating people with “anti-racism” racism it will pit the races against one another, society becomes divided and more easily manipulated and conquered.  Diversity is not a strength, unity is strength.  Finally, it pits children against the values of the parents weakening family members’ allegiance to each other, leading the youth to put their faith and trust in those organizations that echo their beliefs.

The fact that so many parents successfully overthrew school boards in the recent election is good reason to hope that traditional American values will yet prevail.  Much more work must yet be done, the proselytizers of Marx’s sad, dark and ugly religion aren’t ready to throw in the towel.  This means opposing them in the school board meetings, this means running candidates against them at the school board and city council levels, this means having talking points ready to hand when discussing events with the people we come in contact with.


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