Why the Marxists will fail

Most of these Wokesters are deliberately created; taught to hate all natural affinity to family, nation, God, and by extension all that is good, true, beautiful, and love itself. Thus deracinated they are naturally filled with inadmissible agony turned to rage against all that has been taken from them. More precisely, rage against all that they have given up in service to the lie that they are the harbingers of a glorious new world which can only be brought about by the destruction of the old. They are then set upon all they formerly cherished to subvert and destroy it, to achieve a perfect Socialist heaven by creating an absolute Socialist hell.

Nothing can be allowed to impede the vision. Whatever does not fit and will not be co-opted must be destroyed. They soothe the repressed feelings of emptiness, loss and shame with the joy of violence which gives them a sense of power and the illusion of control. The dialectical nature of their dark religion ever identifies new enemies against which to fling themselves. When the glut of killing and wrecking is done and the corybantic frenzy fades, the realization of loss fills them, spurring them to further spasms violence in an endless addictive cycle.

Until it does end, when one with a greater will to power, a more absolute non serviam, declares them in their turn to be the new enemies to be destroyed. Until it all ends with universal death and the demons capering amidst the rubble having avenged the insult of God’s sacrificial love for those bags of ropy guts He created in His Own Image and Likeness.

At least that is the plan. It will fail, of course, as it always fails, because the father of lies can never figure out how to excise grace from the wold. Grace which always leads these silly tabernacles of the Imago Dei back to the Fountainhead of Truth, Goodness, Beauty and Love.

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