When the Federal government cedes sovereignty

Joshua Trevino has a great and highly disturbing piece at the Texas Public Policy Foundation detailing, not the failure of the Puppet Regime in DC, but the deliberate policy of destroying American sovereignty over American soil.  Here’s the bottom line:

The family that owns Border Patrol Hill and the surrounding landscape has been present for generations. They’re the sort that built Texas, and they’re gracious in letting me see what they see — and what they live with. Days before, as the Haitians surged into Del Rio, the woman of the house encountered a single file of twenty Mexican nationals, all men, all with crew cuts, all in camouflage clothing, all with large backpacks, cutting across her property. She called for the Border Patrol and the sheriff, and mercifully both came. The men were caught — and thankfully did not resist. She was enraged. She’s had enough. As they loaded into the vehicles for transportation to detention — and probable eventual release — she yelled at them in perfect Spanish: when you go back, tell everyone you know, that if I find you here again, I will kill you.

Her ranch manager admonishes her: they’ll come back and burn you out. She respects him and knows he may be right. But she doesn’t care. Her family carved a life and a legacy out of these rocky hills athwart the Rio Grande. Her way of life is here. Her children are here. She is going to fight.

She will fight alone. The Border Patrol no longer comes to Border Patrol Hill. From this ranch … to the little house in upriver Comstock whose owner was told to move, because the Border Patrol could offer no protection … to uncounted homes and communities and territory all across the thousands of miles of border, there are places and people who are in and of the United States — and whom the United States no longer protects. Slowly, imperceptibly, federal authority surrenders sovereignty over a ranch here, a crossing there, a community there. Bit by bit, the interstitial network of ungoverned America expands until the day comes that we awaken to find that fifteen thousand foreign nationals have set up camp and a logistical network on the north bank of the Rio Grande.

The Leftist press still tries to present this as a humanitarian mission of Rich America taking on the poor, huddled masses of the world, damning anyone who objects as a heartless misanthrope.  It is not a mission of mercy, it is a well funded, well organized and carefully managed plan to destroy the United States.  Don’t look to DC to do anything for America, they are either cheerleaders in collusion or well paid to avert their eyes.

War is not coming.  War is here.

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