When Needle Nazis attack

We have witnessed so many astonishing things in the last ten months, things that would previously been laughed at as B grade science fiction, that many feel their capacity for surprise and outrage has been lost.  Not to fear, these idiots have not yet fully plumbed the depths of insane depravity.  One of these is the continual and ever escalating panic about the WuFlu not-a-vaccine and the necessity of injecting into every human arm.

This was once again on display at the public meetings of the Burbank and La Canada School Boards in recent days.  It is clear that these people either forgot everything their science teachers drummed into their noggins and/or only recently learned “science” from the talking heads on TV.  The teleprompter reading “authorities” back themselves up with bought and paid for agenda driven research and the repeated lies of their fellow teleprompter readers; there is no real science in them.

We have known since the ’60’s that masks are ineffective at preventing the spread of viruses, they are good at what they were designed for, containing the sputum and saliva ejected by coughs and sneezes.  They certainly were never designed to be worn for hours at a time as doing so crates other risks evidently unknown to our “science” teachers.  Rand Paul lays out the case clearly and calls for mass civil disobedience to mask mandates.

We’ve discussed the experimental genetic treatment colloquially known as “the vaccine” enough before that we don’t have to rehash it here again.  What is fascinating is the fanatical fervor with which the Needle Nazi platoons of the Marching Morons Brigade are pushing the injection.  Why, it almost smells of panic!  It is as if it were a winning lottery ticket for double dessert for the rest of their lives.  Did it not ever occur to them that the “reluctance” (its not reluctance, its refusal) were a mental disorder based on nothing at all.  It has apparently never occurred to them that there might be serious reasons for the refusal.

By now the general population knows that the consequences of taking the vaccine can be mild to terrible to fatal.  How is it that they pretend to not know this?  How is it that they don’t know that there are safe, cheap and effective therapeutic drugs?  How is it that they can actually go look at the VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) and still assert that there is no problem with these injections?  How is it that they don’t know that up until January 20, 2021 the PCR tests used to detect the virus were deliberately mis-calibrated to yield a high predominance of false positive results then re-calibrated correctly after that date?  How is it that they don’t know that herd immunity has been reached and the “vaccines” are no longer needed?  How is it that they don’t know that the Covid-19 virus, if it even exists (nobody seems to have samples of the virus that can be used for research), is now endemic, and will never be eliminated from the planet?  How is it that they don’t know that variants are less virulent than the original, and that the oh-so-NOT terrifying Delta variant being touted cannot be tested for as such a test doesn’t exist?  How is it that they don’t know that Covid-19 scarcely affects the very young and they cannot transmit it to anyone?

There are two possibilities: 1. They are being led to ignorance by the massive propaganda effort promoting the “vaccine” (and billions for Big Pharma and their poodle politicians; 2.  They do know and are supporting a hidden agenda.  Do your own speculating as to what that agenda that might be and who is served by it.  Regardless, they press on, doing all they can to insure that every human being they associate with is “fully vaccinated,” point out that the Los Angeles Department of Health is promulgating these “requirements.”  Now that the Center for Disease Control is on the point of revoking the Emergency Use Authorization and giving these injections full authorization, they will push even harder.

Expect the Nuremberg Code to ignored.  Expect also that the reason for the Nuremberg Trials will be ignored: when crimes against humanity are being perpetrated “I was only following orders” is not a defense.

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