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EIPCa, as part of the national Election Integrity Alliance, is seeking your supporting signature, on behalf of your organization, on an urgent letter to President Trump.
Election integrity is at greater risk than normal this November due to extraordinary and careless changes being made in the name of COVID protection.
We ask that you go to  http://eip-ca.com/usa/index2.htm, and if you can lend your support, follow the instructions at the top of the page. We are eager for the list of supporting organizations to grow rapidly and exponentially. Please pass this on to leaders of other organizations you may know. If you are no longer in your organization’s leadership, please pass this along to the person who is.
We also need 100,000 individual signatures on the White House petition. We would appreciate your sending this out to any email lists you have and urge people to sign soon.
Together we may yet restore and preserve our most precious American right: a fair and honest election.
Ruth Weiss

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