Upcoming Events

Dear GBRA Members,
We miss seeing all of you, those we know and those we are looking forward to meeting for the first time.
This zoom is being organized to give us all a chance to see one another, and hear what is on each other’s minds.  It is an opportunity for you to meet with and chat with like-minded MAGA Patriots.
In order to accommodate a large group, and give everyone a chance to speak his/her mind in a safe environment, we had to develop a unique format. While not ideal, we hope it is practical given the circumstances.
The format offers each member an opportunity to introduce her/himself, and vent.
To make sure everyone gets a chance to speak, and depending on the number of attendees, we will allow 30 -seconds for each person to make an introduction, give a statement, voice a concern or comment on something someone else said.

The bad news is: Our Draconian Host will mercilessly mute the mic at the end of 30 seconds.

When everyone has been introduced, and that stage of conversation has ended,  you may wish to comment further or engage with one of the other members for as long as we have time.
Please use the chat box  to “raise your hand.”  We will give the “raised hands” a turn to speak. Again, this is dependent upon the number of attendees.  We will have to limit that exchange to 30-seconds.
The good news is: at the end of the structured period, we will leave the Zoom Room open for any of you who wish to  hang out and continue conversing with one another.  We hope you will exchange contact information and form action groups.
Formation of Action Groups is our next adventure!
Stand By to Stand Up with GBRA
It is with great enthusiasm that I look forward to seeing you,
Saturday,  February, 27,  10:00 a.m.
Lois Lee Brand Billings,
Glendale Burbank/Crescenta Valley Republican Assembly

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Due to the Wuhan virus there are no events planned at this time.